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    Returning to wow Timeless coins question

    Hello guys after a long 9 months I am returning to WoW in a week or so had been out of action due to exams
    I have a question regarding Timeless coins how long does it roughly take to Farm 50,000/150,000 and where would be the best place to farm?

    50,000---- For Trinket
    100,000---- For mount *But if it's too long may just stick to trinket*

    Kindest Regards,

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    You'll have many more coins than you need when you are exalted as required for the mount. Just saying. Farm where you get rep or where you are camping rares, nothing fancy.

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    Alright thanks for the response

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    You'll have many hundreds of thousands of coins, even after spending them, to get the mount by exalted

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