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    Instead of LFR they should have released LFR wings as 5mans so people could see the content while the content could still be meaningful. My number one unpopular opinion (which I think would have made MoP a much better xpac).
    Tier gear might not have been pulled off of venders if that was the case which would have benefited all including daily runners and raiders. Even current raid level VP gear would have been on the vendors instead of being removed to extend LFRs life. Normal mode raids wouldnt have been made harder in MoP due to Blizzards intention of shoving more casual guilds into LFR if they couldnt hack normal.

    What sounds more anti-elitist, allowing a variety of gameplay modes have access to the same rewards or gutting the rewards and shoving it behind a certain content type? Some of the most vocal pro-LFR and haters of "elitist" shoot down alternatives to LFR and not surprisingly are former raiders which make up a minority of LFR.

    LFR is popular by means of Blizzard gutting alternatives and skewing the effort to reward model to shove non-raiders into it rather than the players actually preferring it. Even in WoD, LFR will remain skewed in the effort to reward ratio over non-raiding alternatives in order to keep it alive.
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    I think gearing should be immensely harder, and that doing 5-mans should be mandatory to get geared enough for raiding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zenway View Post
    Yeah let's shit on the poor LFR crowd even more than we already are.
    Try looking at it from their point of view, then maybe you can see why it is so unpopular.
    But why is it "shitting on them" ?
    I agree that it cannot be changed NOW. Changing it right now would indeed be a slap in the face to the LFR crowd. It should have never been the current tier in the first place. LFR is (and was always) meant as a way to: see the content, to raid without spending lots of time, to offer alternative gearing methods and be a catch-up mechanism. LFR drops wouldn't need to be nerfed in WoD because everyone would know that there is more in WoWs endgame than just LFR. I don't see what issues the LFR crowd really has with that as long as content updates are somewhat more consistent than MoP.

    Actually the "last tier normal modes" through the new group finder system in WoD would fill that niche. I don't know what LFR is for anymore.
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    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but I enjoyed cataclysm lol

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    1) I don't think that cataclysm was conceived in an unholy alliance of the devil and darth vader. And I partially enjoyed it (specially Firelands, tho DS sucked)

    2) I think proving grounds achievements mean more about a player than his ilevel.

    3) I think faction specific classes was a good idea. I liked that horde cant play paladin and alliance cant play shaman. I'd like to return to something like that.

    4) I don't like timeless isle

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    The numbers should be balanced around PvP numbers, spell/game mechanics designed with PvP in mind first and foremost and then PvE content built around it rather than the other way around. The amount of content for each is fine but PvP is often a clusterfuck because it's just tacked on and has to work with the mess pve leaves. By changing the design order, you could balance both as bosses are tuned to the player values, which would actually be balanced from a PvP perspective.

    I also think raids should be like Ulduar -Not quite sure this an unpopular opinion-; One difficulty (With different sizes maybe, it would depend on how much more work it is) with gradual difficulty increases based on strats. LFR could possibly be used as a viewing experience but I think WoD will prove people aren't interested in LFR if there isn't any substantial loot incentives for alts.

    I also think mechanics should be more technically demanding for players on a basic level, such as interrupting multiple times or targets and short-term CC like stuns. When I PvE, be it grind on TI or a raid, I'm often shocked by just how little people use their toolkits other than 1-5 of their basic spells. I rarely see people bother to CC a mob to avoid damage as they'd rather kill a mob slightly quicker rather than maintain uptime through less downtime (Not that it's really an issue these days, but I can remember when eating was a thing every half a dozen mobs or bandaging on CD was useful for farming since you'd spend less time waiting). By encouraging more people to use things like stuns and interrupts, you help cultivate a better player base on a technical level. If you go into a random battleground, sure there'll be as many clueless idiots as there are in LFR but many of them will still interrupt or stun you, even if it's not the correct play (fake-casting, wasting stuns and dr'ing ect).
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    My unpopular opinions (as I think I have already stated earlier in this thread, but would like to expand) are first simply this.... I effing hate 5mans.

    Second opinion, the game needs some kind of PVE battlegrounds or some of other form of large PVE group content which don't require tactics nor skill.... just pew pew. Easily queueable (and only queue) and something that can last an hour or two. And drop-in/drop-out involvement (ie taking a personal break whenever without inconveniencing others in group). And foremost I personally believe it needs is different objectives for each queued run from a large selection of objectives and NO RNG ON REWARDS. Straightforward, no worries on expected gains and still not as monotonous for the first runs as LFR.
    You can't even fathom how much hate I have been given for this second opinion, so I won't be mentioning any more.

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    I liked Dragon soul <.<
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    a likely unpopular opinion: that the changes to old world drops like creatures up to level 50+ dropping greys worth mere copper was a huge slap in the face to players who like to quest in old world while leveling.

    I remember grinding grey drops for hours in desolace (as alliance, right down the hill from the alliance camp, this was TBC ) for hours to save up 15g for a BELF bandit mask when my main was level 30ish and that wouldn't be possible now and to think they thought that that was somehow too much gold is mind-blowing
    <--all 90 now.

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    If World of Warcraft was somehow magically a single-player game, I'd be a whole lot happier.

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