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    Amani Mail


    Sorry if this has already been brought up (point me to it if it has).

    I am trying to complete Amani Mail on my troll shaman ( ).
    However, the helm never pops up on the AH and this is the only piece I cannot buy at Ge'ras with justice points.

    Would anyone have an idea of another fitting helm for this set ?
    Preferably soloable content before T10, and no pvp.

    Also, what would be the best matching weapons with this set ? (Enhancement).

    Thanks !

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    It could fit, but alas, this is a hunter helm.

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    I would suggest just farming Thunder Isle until it drops. Other lookalikes you can sell for a nice profit.
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    Brittle Flamereaver Mask drops off random mobs on the Isle of Thunder and has the same looks as the rest of the set. If you have no luck with drops, could check the AH, I usually see a piece or two on there.

    I have the full set as one of my rotating transmog sets. Looks fantastic. Hope you find the mask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natylyaz View Post
    It could fit, but alas, this is a hunter helm.
    The one I linked only looks like hunters tier but it's not part of tier, meaning shamans can use it too.

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    Indeed you're right, I was checking the helm in Dalaran, and it was Hunters only, but this once drops from ICC.
    I'll keep watching the AH then, thanks.

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