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    .Resto Druid Transitioning from 10 to 25 needs advice.

    Hello everyone, so the title is self explanatory but here's the sum of what i need:

    I've been a resto druid for a couple of years now, pretty successfull in it, have had multiple top world rankings, have played in top 10 world guilds, bla bla, all that crap, but, now with the new mythic coming soon, my guild is obviously transitioning to 25 man in order to try new recruits and ready up for 20 man's.

    As the healing officer of my guild i have a couple concerns, how is healing usually assigned in 25 man? group wise? is it more free?

    As a resto druid, since in 10 man i hot every1 up, do my thing, feel powerfull and all, how do i heal 25 man's? putting a rejuv on 1 person feels so pety so weak and pointless, it's annoying, how is a Resto druid suppose to face an entire 25 man raid to heal? give me tips, advice from your own experience.

    Also stat-wise, how should i gear? stick with the 13k breakpoint? go mastery build? any other option?

    Thank you in advance and i please ask to keep this thread to a healthy Druid/25 man healing discussion, don't start with the 10vs25 man argue or any off-topic nonsense. Thank you!

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    About stats: You won't need as much spirit in 25 man as you did in 10 man. Therefore reforge more spirit into mastery. The amount of spirit you need varies by boss of course, but 12-13k spirit is a good amount in my opinion.
    Healing assignments: There's no need to assign healers to specific people or groups. But since there are more raid cooldowns it's important that you figure out a good cd rotation before you pull.
    I feel that the ability to dish out a lot of rejuvenations in a short time period becomes a bit more important in 25 man. There are more periods in 25 man raiding where you don't do much besides tank healing since rejuvenation will just overheal.
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    For 25s, healing cds are generally boss dependent. I'm not sure how strict you are with your cds in 10, but you'll still need to assign players to use CDs for big abilities like.. swelling pride, calamity, falling ash, etc. You may or may not want to get an addon like Bloodlegion cooldown to watch all of your raids available CDs. You'll want to start utilizing all of your raids CDs including your rogues smokebomb, warriors rallying cry, your dks amz, etc. More players, more stuff to use and utilize. You may want to create a spreadsheet of your raiders and their different usable cds for each spec to keep track of everything (and so you wont go crazy!)

    My raid team also uses Angry Assignments. This is an amazing addon. No more excuses of "I didn't know when to use it" or "I missed it" No excuse because they can always see assignments.

    Here's what it looks like in use: (this is assignments for H immerseus)

    It can get kind of crazy (old H garrosh assignments)

    Gear wise? aim for 11k-12k spirit, 13k hbp, and you'll be golden. You're healing officer.. use your shamans and priest mana cds to your advantage
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    Thanks a lot btw, that angry assignments addon looks just amazing, gonna try it asap!! (:

    Yeah 12k is what i use already in 10 man, so i'll probably try to even lose a little bit more (dunno how since i already reforge all me spirit away XD) but yeah from what i keep reading it's mostly about CD usage.

    Again, thank you for your input (:

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    I didn't make it clear, but make your raiders have the addon as well. The beauty of it is that you type in the assignments, and then you broadcast the message to your raiders so its on everyone's screen. Its pretty sweet.

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    Wow, the message goes on every1's screen? that is very sweet indd. I'll make them have it np :P

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