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    Did you purchase WoD with a credit card? If you did, I'd ask why you're okay with the threat of a hacker getting your credit card info.

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    Don't see the problem. It prevents "hackers" from stealing your account and then refunding your game for $50.

    Also, you're lucky they're even offering refunds at all, especially given that they gave the character boosts and stuff immediately at the purchase.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Belloc View Post
    What, exactly, is the NSA going to do with a picture of your ID when you live in another country? Besides deleting it from their records, I mean.
    I don't know, print it out and use it as toilet paper?
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    Issue seems resolved in the meantime and mods can close now if they so chose. Things to be learned from this thread:

    *If it exists, there is pr0n of it, and also "no Warlords of Draenor flying" is mentioned in it.

    *While debating about the NSA spying on us and gathering Date from internet people do either

    a) Talk about tinfoil hats and say this is paranoia even though the NSA threat is very real; Exposed by Edward Snowden and verified/published by various journalists worldwide. That is not me imagining things, the USA want to capture Edward Snowden for reveakubg this and the Guardian was raided by British Intelligence GCHQ and forced to delete their data.

    b) Acknowledge the NSA threat but say resistance is futile because they have everything they need to know anyway and all our private documents are exposed already so no point resisting
    That is not true because NSA continues to monitor all internet traffic to this day and refuse to make any "NoSpy" agreements with any country, including their closest allies. So regardless of what the NSA has already gathered: There is still plenty of info they do not have yet, and data left to steal from the people.
    The b) posters were probably even right about the NSA being able to access all your information even if you resist and are being careful about what you share but even with their billion dollar budget their capabilities are limited so if each individual makes a tiny bit harder for them to spy on us, then they either can monitor some fewer people whose privacy is then restored OR they will ask for even more billions and workforce to the budget which in turn will make more people question the NSA's benefit-cost ratio and in some shape or form hopefully impair their capabilities.

    The more people moan and being uncooperative towards companies when it comes to their personal data the more pressure the companies will put on the politicians.

    Well that is just my point of view, a privacy lover. There people in this thread expressing acceptance to being under general suspicion via surveillance of everybody since they have "nothing to hide".
    I respect that opinion also, it is a free world so believe in whatever you chose and act as you wish.

    Thanks to everyone for participating (except flamers).

    Regards, Fincher.
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    What does it matter?

    You're living in 2014.
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    Locked the thread on behalf of the OP.

    Issue seemed to have been handled.

    - Gehco
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