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    Fury Warrior Stream on Twitch // SoO 25H Clear

    Hi all warriors of MMO-C

    I've recently started to stream abit, and as I wanna progress the channel even more before WoD, I invite anyone (curious, bored, lost, masturbating or interested) to watch some fury warrior action as we clear SoO 25H

    http://www.twitch.tv/falkenraiding/ --- Wednesday's raid starts at 19:15 CEST, aka in less than an hour today from this post creation. Any feedback is welcome

    Falkèn // EU-Sylvanas

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    Advertising isnt allowed. We have other forums for that.
    Quote Originally Posted by magnuzze View Post
    considering that TG warriors was here since Vanilla, and DK's got into the World of warcraft in WoTLK... you can say that they have been stealing 2-handed from us.
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    There is a reason you don't just pull numbers out of your ass and throw them on the forums. People will show you wrong. Ass numbers are useless.
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    I can't believe warriors wine about their defensive capabilities. DK's and warrs are even on heals.

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