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    There's enough solo play already in a game that's relevant content used to be team based only. Seeing everything in the game in one day since you can do it solo - that's the cancer that slowly nags away motivation and makes it hard to keep people playing nowadays. While I see where this is coming from - people being able to overgear ever more content ever earlier, mixed with rather hostile atmospheres in LFR / LFD, which are usually getting carried by ~20% of players in group - WoW's strength and catchphrase has always been to overcome obstacles that couldn't be taken on alone as a team. That's what the game is designed around, and this won't and shouldn't be changed. Sorry if that's not what you wanted - wrong game, door's over there.

    Yeah I know there's DKs soloing MoP raids already - doesn't mean that this should be. If you ask me that doesn't make sense and should be taken care of. Other games do that just to make a point.
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    So basically you want LFR, but muting everyone else in raid? Ok.

    Why not you actually mute everyone in LFR right now instead of making a solo mode?
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    Solo content in an MMO? what is this, elder scrolls online?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Injin View Post
    Agree with the OP.

    Blizzard could just work out how much time it takes per gear acquisition in raids and then make that gear available for the same sort of time investment for non raiders.

    So lets say it takes 2 hours to beat a new boss, and two pieces of loot drop. 10 man raid. Solo you'd need to farm something for 20 hours for a raid level drop with a 1 in 5 chance to be for your class for blizzard to get the same sub duration.
    Even if you equal out the actual time spent it is still easier to do the solo content. You don't have to work with others. You can chew it up in tiny little bits. There is no team commitment. No thanks, people should be encouraged to do group stuff (especially guild stuff) not dissuaded.

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    YES! I would love if I could skip having to queue and end up with idiots (inb4 "find a guild", no, I don't want to rely on others being online and wanting to do the same thing I want to do), and just... go and do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it.
    And you are welcome to do that, but you are not welcome to our group content unless you get a group. Sorry.

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    It already is essentially soloable. All you have to do is press "queue" button and bam here are your rewards.
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    Mop was the beginning of the end for content outside the raid. And by content outside the raid I mean alternative means of character progression. WoD just took this to the next level and shoved everybody into raiding even more.
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    This thread has more entertaining content than WoD

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