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    Quote Originally Posted by JestersShadow View Post
    Not sure what you mean, could you elaborate?
    Maybe a bit.
    Removed attunements, improved accessibility of mounts, easy flying, dungeon finder, much less insane itemization (no more leather warriors).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lethora View Post
    Can you stick to one expansion while pinning things down instead of spreading between Cata, MoP and WoD?
    His argument was about Wrath being released as it was, by today's 'standard'. The point you've apparently missed is that many of his complaints are things that still occur, and aren't necessarily expansion specific.

    4) TOES is like 1/3 of a tier.
    Feel free to look up how long it took to clear the other bosses in that tier then. Also, in before "but that was the opening raid, so it was supposed to be fast" or some other such commentary.
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    It barely even has a chance to surpass Cataclysm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammerfest View Post
    Who would that be?
    Grom Hellscream?

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    No one can say yes or no at this point. It really hinges on the raid experience and if server activity gets back to near WoTLK levels.

    And as stated, the nostalgia factor is a huge one.

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    Ret was good in Wrath. It was the highpoint of the spec by the time ICC came around. I am hoping Ret comes again in WoD and that's the only way anything can surpass that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    I really really really hope WoD surpass WotLK.... If WoD cannot surpass the most horrible expansion to date, the game is truely in a bad shape..

    From what I see, it will be more or less on par with Cata, which is a good sign.. Don't think it will be better than Cata, but being better than WotLK and MoP is good enough for me..
    I think we played a completely different game during wrath and cata because i loved Wrath and hated Cata and since wrath had the most Subs they ever had means proves you wrong.

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    new dev team.
    everything looks great so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    Everything WoD and WotLK have in common:

    Iconic main Warcraft character? Check. In every expansion.
    A world that we've always wished we could've visited (before it got nuked by magic)? Check. 'We've' suggests everyone wanted to go there. Not gonna lie, Draenor holds no interest for me because Outland is already here. Outland is where I wanted to go, and we've already been there.
    Some actually new gameplay features? Check. In every expansion.
    A redesigned world and rewritten story formula? Check. Every expansion.
    New, innovative PvP map? Check. Not EVERY expansion, but most.
    A new raid design that encourages new players and small groups to raid? Check. BC reduced to 10/25 players, Wrath made every raid 10 and 25, Cata added LFR, MoP added flex...
    Tons of skeptics doubting whether or not the expac will be any good? Check. As if I even had to say it... Every expansion.

    Were all set to continue down the same path!
    Fix'd. Literally nothing different from any other expansion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    If a building's about to collapse, you can debate whether it's better to demolish it or repair it, and you can make political-agenda arguments either way. Disputing gravity itself to claim it won't fall down is not a political position, it's just ignorance.

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