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    Down to just the crab now. This is torture.

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    5 left for me... and rng is such a bitch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogait View Post
    Do you guys know if the Spineclaw bug is still active?

    When Timeless Isle was fairly new (1-2 week), I joined a group of 40 players that were farming Spineclaw in the beach and any one who could manage to get their hands on the pet, they'd not learn it straight away and trade people the pet. After receiving the pet, we could relog and get the credit on the achievement and could give the pet back to the person who gave us.

    After this, I bought the pet on the Auction House for 1,000g and wanted to say this if it is still active and people can use it.
    That bug was fixed in the first week.
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    Don't be so green

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