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  • Druid!

    17 20.00%
  • Monk!

    10 11.76%
  • Priest!

    22 25.88%
  • Paladin!

    14 16.47%
  • Shaman!

    22 25.88%
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    Defiently priest.

    I enjoy to play both healing specs of it and it has been my main since wrath.

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    I have all five, but I don't think I'll be touching my favourite healer (the Shaman) as Blizzard keeps forcing them into that disgusting stacked healing niche, and causing the rest of their toolkit to suffer for it. Also, please tell me why there's a talent that works by "over-healing" in a raid environment we'll be moving into that works against over-healing?

    Will probably just end up playing my Holy Priest now that the Chakra's are reduced via the Draenor Perk.
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    If you just love being that guy that purposely, or accidentally carries out the action of "letting them win", roll a shaman, and get a FREE vacation to the Ashran Graveyard with scenic tombstones and a magnificent sunset view of your faction hiding in the bubble as DKS, hunters and Treesus Christ roflstomp your base, and all you have to do is call this number!
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    Holy Priest.. Alpha testers say its fun now..

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    priest. and yes disco still, even though disco isn't as fun as it was in cata (see sig) i'll still be making you immortal on the fields of battle. wtb mind spike/mind blast so i can play offensively again
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    #probably #shaman #& #priest

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    Will continue to main my Monk!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Po View Post
    Thought see who is most popular on this forum, the healer class you like best and why? And will it be the one you play further in the next expansion?
    There's many reasons why I like Mistweaver over other healing classes. It's slightly different if comparing to the different styles of healing. I feel like I have slightly more control over my playstyle, and I'm never standing around, waiting to cast the next spell. The class gives the player an opportunity to fill in those gaps. If there's nothing to heal, than I have the option to dps (or heal through melee abilities).

    Coming from playing a druid since the Burning Crusade as Restoration, I'm still able to blanket/hot heal with a twist or two. To me it's been a lot of fun with the Mistweaver specialization, even though I still enjoy playing my druid. It's also nice that it fits my personality. With Warlords of Draenor at bay, going into to the expansion I'll be playing my monk for sure. However, my other healers will be coming with me, since that's all I really play, far as PvE/PvP is concerned.
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