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    Who is currently playing Wildstar and still subbed to WoW?

    Curious as to what is the deal?
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    I am. I still have stuff to do on WoW, and I want to play WildStar. What do you mean what's the deal?

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    I'm doing neither.

    Next question

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    I am playing ESO and still subbed to WoW. Although I will probably be dropping my Wow sub once I get the "10 year anniversary" achievement.

    I have no intention of getting Wildstar.

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    I play Wildstar and I still am playing WoW - I have raid tonight. Maybe pushing 6/14 heroic .

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    Technicly I am still playing WoW too
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    I am.

    I am totally in love with Wildstar - but I like my guilds and we're working on heroic Malk at the moment on one side (alliance), heroic Sha on the other (horde) and I have no desire to leave...

    Honestly, though, had Wildstar come out sooner, I probably would have left WoW completely - I was burned out raiding with my last group and looking for a different guild was my last resort. But it all worked out in the end
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    not playing wildstar, played the open beta and wasn't impressed and decided it wasn't for me, currently subbed to WoW
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    i tried the trial for wildstar, cant say im too impressed with the combat system though so ill just keep sticking to wow since its my favorite

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    Me, I still like WoW, not really doing anything in particular right now but I enjoy logging in and farming old stuff, pet battles, pvp etc.

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    Well I'm not playing WoW, but I am playing both Wildstar and SWTOR.
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    I'm subbed to WoW, Wildstar, SWTOR and FFXIV:ARR. Even though I don't actively play each every day I like these games and am happy to give them my money for the little I do play each month.
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    Been unsubbed from WoW for a few months now and picked up Wildstar but the thing is, I'm not subbed to Wildstar either thanks to a week of incredibly lazy Titanium farming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrokenRavens View Post
    "10 year anniversary" achievement
    (You can get that for free with trial account.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baracuda View Post
    (You can get that for free with trial account.)
    It's just $15 a month. I spent $15 on lunch today. My commute alone is around $30 a day as well.

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    Most of the Wildstar beta that I participated in consisted of global chat talking about how much better World of Warcraft was until we eventually logged off and logged onto Warcraft instead (that was hilarious).

    Chances are, if your game's going to cause players to discuss how bad it is in global chat and then move on to a different game, it wasn't a very good game to begin with. I like its housing model, in addition to its big battlegrounds, as well as its subscription model, but that's about it... I hated its combat system, and overall, the game just felt like an attempt at creating a mock-version of Borderlands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grogo View Post
    Curious as to what is the deal?

    So...Wildstar is out? How is it?
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ... there are lots of different types of players, with different amounts of time to play, and different tastes for the content and difficulty and time commitment they want to give to any of those pieces of content. The person that plays for an hour or so a few times a week is playing the same game as the person that plays five hours every night.....

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    I doubt this question has much relevance since there are only 22 servers worldwide in Wildstar. With current technology this means a maximum capacity of 80k concurrent users and around 250 K players total.

    Looking back it is pretty clear the high days of new launches in MMO land are over. Warhammer/Conan/Rift/Aion etc had triple that number at launch.

    So it is not a question of who is playing both games, these days new subscription based games simply don't have a lasting chance after a few months, since f2p is the standard to even survive after X months time.

    Another important factor is that us old war horses have seen it all. I remember the huge excitement of alternative games like LOTRO in 2007, Conan and Warhammer in 2008 etc... I think the last big attempt to create a challenger to WoW was SWTOR, but that game needed to go free to play after 10 months too.

    So nope, these kinds of subscription based MMO's hardly have a chance these days - as far as subscriptions go.
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    The only reason I am playing wildstar is simply because of the lack of new content in wow. Wow has just gotten boring to me since nothing new has come out in a ridiculous amount of time yet I still waste my time and money paying for a game that I am hoping will make a comeback even thought I am very pessimistic about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    not playing wildstar, played the open beta and wasn't impressed and decided it wasn't for me, currently subbed to WoW
    Like wise. WoW has a monthly fee, but considering everything in the game from features to content (including all content), a monthly fee seems passable. They have time on their side. But when you have these brand new MMO's charging a monthly fee and they have less than half of what WoW has, that alone makes me pass on them. Not that it has really mattered as they have all pretty much gone F2P in the end fairly fast anyways and that is when I truly try them out.

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