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    Frost Stat Prioity conflicinting info.

    Recently started playing my alt dk, still getting geared and what not. Looked at all the normal spots for info on stat priority and such, and for my 2hand frost i see i should be doing crit > mastery >= haste(or haste just lower).

    So i do this, build up on crit on reforges and gems. Then i start hearing people in game saying haste is equal or better then crit.

    So whats the deal with this. There a certain break point on haste, or some situational need for haste.
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    I'm not sure about 2H, but I prioritize Mastery > Haste > Crit as DW. The reason I have Haste over Crit is because haste will get me a lot more Killing Machine procs.

    Might be a similar thought process for 2H, but idk.

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    Haste is actually so bad for dw frost it's ridiculous

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    In so far as I know the only case for haste first is in PvP. In PvE (in MoP) haste is only valuable if you are massively screwing up ams soaking which is a skill issue not a gear issue.
    Also when it comes to secondaries it's a case of 'what sucks the least' as opposed to 'what's good'

    DW; mastery > crit > haste
    2h; crit > mastery > haste
    Unhly; crit > mastery > haste

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    Haste was recommended to me from a DK in Entropi (Zul'Jin). I do DW Frost as my OS on some fights and noticed a gain.

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    Well yeah your problem is really complicated. I doubt that there are some specialists here who specialize in getting your correct stat weights from other random people.

    Most people here actually get their weights using simc / mixed with own experience and preferences (especially in terms of haste).
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    The only reason to go for haste is not being GCD capped. Which will never be an issue with proper usage of Plague Leech, Blood Tap and AMS soaking (especially with EEoG and Glyph of Regenerative Magic). When GCD capped, haste will do next to nothing for your DPS.

    Or you just could use simcraft instead of listening to random strangers on the internet...

    edit: I forgot, there is in fact a sweetspot in haste: http://www.destinysoftworks.com/2014...-weaponry.html
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