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    Any news on Engineering in WoD? Specifically with gloves

    With the removal of the stat bonuses of perks, will Engin gloves stay? I heard someone talking about holding off on leveling Engin if they wanted the gloves on use.

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    No, synapse springs will be removed with all the other dps related perks like lightweave, extra sockets, etc etc.

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    As mentioned engineering is losing gloves, although they're updating belts so we have some variety there (of which likely will be non-engineer ot use but still sellable)
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    All combat benefical stats should be gone, leaving you with an epic helmet and some fun stuff to play with (incl. rocket boost/boots).

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    As it stands, Lifebloom's haste perk and the mining stamina buff are still in the game. I'm reaaaaally not looking forward to leveling engineering, since you have to level everything 1-600 on the Alpha and mine all the mats yourself, but I'll let you know when I get it done. These two things are probably mistakes but who knows?

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