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    Resto Shaman Help? (25mHeroic)


    Hello and thank you for even clicking on this thread. No I recently made a large jump from 10m N to a 25m H team. (Basically went from being a god at heals to wondering why I haven't uninstalled.)

    So, obviously I went for a larger haste build. I keep about 15k spirit for mana tide due to being asked to by the healy officer. Is there anything I can do to catch up to the other heals?

    Edit: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/a...?s=1431&e=1845

    Ah yes, and here are some logs! Forgot those!
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    Why would they ask you to keep 15k spirit? For your benefit or theirs?

    Regardless, all you have to do is compare yourself to the other resto shammy in your raid to get the answer. Crit > Spirit for personal mana regen, 12-13k spirit is more than enough, and youre over 17k. You should be somewhere around the 33.3% haste breakpoint (w/AS and Raid Buff), or 8882 haste (id probably round it out to 9100ish for latency - there was a thread on this somewhere here, search youll find it).

    Looking at logs, seems like you werent using your CDs. At all. You didnt drop a single Spirit Link? You have Primal Ele, and never took Empower buff. Your other shaman healed 2x more people with Chain Heal. Either youre just not casting it, or youre casting it at the wrong people. You never hit Ascendance. Could go on... -.-

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    Since your healing combo is 3 disc priests, holy pala, and 2 shamans, there are a lot of absorbs that get priority over your heals, turning them into overheals, so I'm afraid you won't be able to catch up with the priests regardless of what you do.

    Your numbers are lower than the other shaman, and it boils down to simply not casting your spells as often as he does. Though I can imagine that with those amount of absorbs the health bars don't move a lot and it's not really required to cast. But still, it's a good practice:

    - Improve the uptime of healing stream totem, you often forgot to drop it -- drop it on cooldown, you can use a weakaura to remind you.
    - Use ascendance more often, preferably when healing rain is down.
    - Use healing tide more often.
    - Use your fire/earth elemental Empower/Reinforce more often for +10% healing bonus.
    - Drop the riptide glyph, it's usually hps loss.
    - Use chain heal more often, with high spirit you should be able to cast it as a filler without any mana problems.

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    Thank you for replying! Though you seem miffed? O_o Sorry?

    The spirit was for their benefit. I don't mind keeping it for them. And, I don't reeaallyy wanna look at the other shaman for reasons.

    I'll try your numbers though, ty, I had wondered if I had too much/too less haste. I'll through the extra spirit and haste into crit then.

    As for CDs, I had wondered. When I was with the 10m I used them often because so much more healing was needed. I am so confused as WHEN to use them since there's often not much to heal. (Except for spirit link n htt because I'm told WHEN to use those usually.)

    Edit: (First was before Koor posted!)

    I WONDERED about that glyph. Kk, ty! And repeat what I said about HTT and being told to drop it. And alright, I thought I was utterly spamming chain heal, clearly I wasn't, more spam go go . Thanks for the replies! Quite helpful, both of ya!
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    My numbers simply FLEW. (I imagine getting my 4-set and meta helped.) Thank you very much to both replies for their help. You not only helped me but by doing so, gave my raid a better healer. Thank you SO much.

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    Stat priority is int > crit > haste to ~9100 > spirit to 10k > haste 9100+ > mastery. By following that prio you should end up with better throughput stats. If the healiing officer is asking you to keep 15k+ spirit its just because he wants to whore the meters and/or some of the healers are bad at managing their mana. Nonetheless, if thats what is required of you, stick to it and blame your lower throughput on being the other healers' mana battery. Gearwise you'll want to only grab the 2piece T16, since the 4set is pretty much useless crap. The tier pieces you want to use is gloves + helm or gloves + legs, depending on the offset pieces (shadow-binders legs or helm from nazgrim). The more crit, the less spirit you'll need and the more healing you'll do. With 4 absorb healers its not going to be easy to generate good "numbers".

    Talents seem alright except for totemic persistance. While its a small overall healing increase, I still find projection to be better, to send out a SLT where I want, or a healing totem so that it hits the whole raid on immerseus/malkorok etc. SBT for sustained periodic damage, and AS for short bursty damage intakes. Use windwalk totem to get rid of the slow on malkorok and the brewmaster throws on spoils. I never use glyph of riptide except on sha (we use a weird spread tactic). Same with glyph of chaining (only sha + paragons sometimes) Always rushing streams, except on malkorok (ancestral guidance is the bomb there - pop that + ascendance in the very beginning with hero and /lol at the absorb healers).

    Spell usage:
    You should macro the empower/reinforce into your heals so when you drop your totem, no matter which heal you cast you'll apply the buff (its off the gcd) before you actually cast the heal. Think about the encounter and when you need the extra healing. The talent basicly offers +10% healing for 2 out of every 5 minutes. Use UE before each healing rain, Chain heal on targets that have riptide applied. Make sure you have riptide rolling on 3 targets + a fresh healing rain down BEFORE you pop ascendance, and then just go ham on Chain heal. Use UE + instant HR when the HR you cast before ascendance has run out. Again think about each encounter and plan ahead on when to use your cds. Although if you're assigned to use a specific cd at a certain time by your raid leader make sure you have it available. If it makes absolutely no sense for you to use a cd at a designated time, talk to your raid leader about it. Oh and also, make sure you have the +10% healing buff from your elemental totems applied before using any cds, since an extra 10% to your major cds helps a ton.
    Other than that, as others have mentioned, you should aim to use HST on cd, same with HR. Make a weakaura to track the cds if you need to.

    All in all, you could probably do better than the other shaman if you were on equal gear and used your cds properly. But since we are a throughput-oriented healing class, having 4 absorb healers in a raid that usually needs just about 4-5 healers per encounter, you'll have a hard time providing "impressive numbers".

    Heres my armory and recent logs for reference if you feel like looking at them:

    http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...A7oil/advanced (might be in enh gear)


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