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    Archeological expedition patch suggestion

    *Side note: I posted this on the offical forum but would like to see how people would react or think of this idea here, especially as quite a few people who visit mmo c rarely if ever check offical forums. All feedback helps!*

    Players often wonder why blizzard removes gear or beg for old tier as well as older pvp gear among other things to be returned to the game in some way. Thus , I have come up with the following as an idea which could potentially help if blizzard took note.

    Lore Horde side Intro : Sitting in the heart of Silvermoon lays the Reliquary. Though most of the order search for ancient and powerful magical artifacts, a small branch of the order was tasked with collecting pieces of equipment from all over the world. This has led to the Reliquary having access to extremely powerful pieces of weapons and arms that were once thought lost and scattered to the winds.

    Lore Alliance side Intro : Nestled in the majestic mountain city of Ironforge lays the Explorers' Guild. The Dwarven folk pride themselves for their knowledge and endlessly search the world to find clues about the makers as well as the ancient history of the world. Not all of the Explorers's Guild searches for the old and lost though, many collect artifacts and heirlooms from the previous battles fought throughout Azeroth in an attempt to preserve the heroics for future generations.

    Horde Reputation : The Reliquarry of Silvermoon
    [Achievement] : “You call this archaeology?” [10 points] Get to Exalted status with The Reliquarry of Silvermoon
    Reputation Gain : Hand in various common artifacts from around the world.

    Alliance Reputation : The Explorers's Guild of Ironforge.
    [Achievement] : “You call this Archaeology?”[10 points] Get to Exalted status with The Explorers's Guild of Ironforge.
    Reputation Gain : Hand in various common artifacts from around the world.

    The Rewards :

    Friendly :
    1. Common green pieces that were removed from world – 50g a piece
    2. Flag of the [Insert faction here].

    Honored :
    1. Rare quality pieces that were removed from world quest system become available – 100gold a piece.
    2. Rare pvp quality gear that was removed from the game become available – 250gold a piece.
    3. Tabard of the [Insert faction here]

    Revered :
    1. Epic quality pieces that were removed from the game excluding raids become available – 500 gold a piece.
    2. Epic pvp quality gear that was removed from the game become available – 500 gold a piece.
    3. Patterns and designs that were removed from the game become available – 75 gold a piece.

    Exalted :
    1. Epic quality pieces that were removed from the game including raids such as Naxramas become available – 1500 gold a piece.
    2. Stone of the Archaeologists : Immediately return to your factions archaeological base. 15 second cast timer, 2 hour cd.

    That about wraps up the rough draft of what I have come up with. Now on to explaining a few things.
    First, I wanted to make the gold sinks not overly large but significant enough that people who originally got these items can appreciate the fact they have held on to them and come to terms with fact that anyone else who wants a similar transmog will have to pay out a pretty penny to get chance to. I didn't want to make it seem unfair for either of the sides and hopefully that is a compromise most can agree to!

    Secondly, I know many people dislike or don't see a reason to do archaeology. Hopefully providing benefits like this will allow people to really push towards the other content in the game and enjoy themselves more while trying to hit certain goals. I never intended the concept of unlocking the system to be easy nor impossibly hard. Just something that will take a while and have side benefit of having the player level up their secondary profession as well as a chance to gain the cosmetic archaeological items scattered throughout the world.

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    I like, although the Naxx pieces should cost at least 5k, if not more, due to BMAH having them at 10k min as a gold sink. Probably up the prices on all of the older pieces across the board, as Transmog seems to be a prime gold-sink in blizz's eyes.
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    I gotta admit i really dislike aracheology in WoW but the reward is good enough i still do it, i have spent countless hours trying to get the Quiraji battle tank.I like your idea,it basically a long transmog grind but with a fitting reward.

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