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    things that make it impossible for me to shred im looking at you ultraxion

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    I hate fights with a lot of adds. A few are okay. Too many just makes the fight feel messy. I feel like the number of fights with lots of adds really increased in MoP compared to previous expansions.

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    I hate the mechanic that forces me to be in a group to see the most important parts of the story unfold instead of being able to do it all myself.

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    Anything that vaguely resembles the ice cubes on Sindragosa ......
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    Any mechanic where the loss can be laid squarely at the foot of one person not performing a very specific role/task, especially when that person is randomly chosen. An example would be Black Temple's Teron Gorefield (the trope codifier, in my view) and his Shadow of Death mini-game. Any mechanic that arbitrarily chooses a raid member and thrusts them into an unfamiliar role, and places the whole weight on the encounter on their shoulders. Takes away from an RL's ability to control the raid, and also introduces an element that can be neither predicted nor practiced without lots and lots and lots of wipes.
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    I think a fight like Seigecrafter does it well, it tests your ability on multiple levels - DPS has to be able to perform their usual DPS tasks and also have good spatial awareness on the belt. Healers mainly just heal a lot but there is a movement factor involved as you're dodging things on the ground and tanks are being tested on active tanking (while Seigecrafter is enraging), movement and damage output.

    I enjoy that fight for what it is.

    A lot of old vanilla fights that focused a bit too much on resist gear - and resist in general, even from the boss end of things - were just shitty.
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    The fucking goddamn bombs in Heroic Iron Juggernaut in 10m.

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    Lei Shi - can't do shit for ages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selindrile View Post
    The fucking goddamn bombs in Heroic Iron Juggernaut in 10m.
    Curious, why specifically 10 man? That single ability is the exact same in both 10 and 25, because it's intended for tanks to deal with it <.<.
    (It used to be 7-8? bombs on PTR each wave, intending for ranged/melee to rotate cds to take them, but they made it a tank mechanic instead as the end result ended up with 10 man just using their offtank to take all 3 bombs they got, and 25 man bringing a dedicated bomb-tank to just run around and blow them up full-time)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itisamuh View Post
    I hate the mechanic that forces me to be in a group to see the most important parts of the story unfold instead of being able to do it all myself.
    It's almost like the word MMO stands for something. Jee, I wonder what the diddlydo that is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aviditas View Post
    Cutter Beams from Sinestra X.X
    I clicked on this thread in the hopes that someone did indeed mention either Sinestra cutters or Halion cutter mechanic, I was not disappointed. Personally I loved both of those encounters.

    My personal most hated mechanics would have to be the beams from Corla, Herald of Twilight and hitting teh button for Ultraxion in Dragon Soul. Both mechanics were retardedly easy, but if you pugged dungeons or that raid whatsoever on an alt, inevitably you would have some person in the group who just couldn't figure out the mechanic. Doing those bosses always made me depressed because really, how hard is it to hit a button/move in and out of a beam...

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    As a dedicated melee dps, Galakras' fireballs irritate me to no end.

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    Disorients/threat drops on tanks. Like on the trash headed to Garrosh, where the adds hit hard enough to smash dps and healers if the tank isn't insta-dispelled. God I hate that.
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