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    I really hate mechanics where if one person screws up, the entire raid is either instantly dead or might as well be dead because its a wipe. I'm looking at you Malkorok and Jin'rok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akaihiryuu View Post
    There are many different types of color blindness. And it's true that some types will make things that appear similar to people with normal vision highly contrasted.
    Yes, but when people go "I can tell the difference and I am color blind, therefor they are bad!" ... are either lying or have no clue what they are talking about. They may not be able to distinguish some colors, but just because they have no problem doesn't mean people who can't are bad. Someone with such a condition, I would hope would at least understand that. They see the world differently than normal sighted people, they literally can not make that statement and be honest about it if they understand anything about their condition. In fact, anyone can see how color blind people see, it always changes how they see color ... unless they completely color blind (black and white world) ... they will see colors differently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exile1123 View Post
    Any boss where you only fight the actual boss for the last 20% of the fight and the rest is just trash...*cough* Galakras.. *cough*

    Also any mechanics where on person can fuck up and wipe the raid. Defile >.>
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    I'm fine with the "one person can wipe the raid" thing if its a mechanic that the rest of the raid has to do, too. Malkorok, for example, is one of my favorite fights. One person can screw it up, but everyone has the same task, and its a very simple one at that. Puddles/smash/breath of Y'shaarj is a good way to see who's dumb and who's not. However, if it's a very specific task that's placed solely in the hands of one or two people (i.e. Magmaw chains, Siegecrafter belts, vehicle fights), then that's when I have a problem with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verrai View Post

    Also any mechanics where on person can fuck up and wipe the raid. Defile >.>
    I like that though. In a raid, you should be confident that, no matter who a mechanic targets, they can deal with it.

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    I hate to read all those buttons or just learning what the vehicles are for in general.

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    anything that relies on healers/dispellers to be clutch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erto View Post
    I like that though. In a raid, you should be confident that, no matter who a mechanic targets, they can deal with it.
    Sometimes you just have players that are not...... smart I guess at handling the certain mechanic. It gets a bit frustrating when it lands or falls on that one person and they screw up almost all the time =/
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    The ones I hate most are the ones I want more of...

    Single individual ability to wipe a raid...a la Flame Wreath on Shade of Aran in Kara

    Love and hate that....

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    Personal most hated mechanic? Mounted combat a la Malygos. I can't figure up from down, left from right and
    I was always, ALWAYS, the first to die. I outright stopped doing that raid when it was current b/c of those damn drakes.
    Even if he was the stupid raid weekly quest I would not go. I still won't go even to farm for the mount LOL. Hate.

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    Belts on blackfuse

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    vehicles by far

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    Anything that connects two people with a cutter beam mechanic and requires them to be smart for 10+ seconds.

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    Kill X adds or Y add to pop the immune shield.

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    My most hated raid mechanics are ones that randomly phase a single player to another area and then has them complete a mini-game where failure = raid wipe. Even when the task is simple, these mechanics are annoying because it can take so many wipes before everyone has had even 3 tries at it. I wish that when blizzard implements these things, they would make a practice it daily for people.

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    Boss healing up over and over and over.

    Thankfully we won't be seeing that in WoD...I hope.

    The entire Spoils of Pandaria encounter. I want to be with my entire team and damaging a boss that I can actually feel invested in killing. Spoils of Pandaria felt like annoying trash.

    My collection of mounts
    WoW without flying is like having a pizza you know that you enjoy but then have someone treating you like a moron and telling you that "No, you won't enjoy THESE particular toppings for reasons WE made up". And some people are dumb enough to accept being told what to like.

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    I personally am sick of the push mechanics ie Lei Shi, Jikun, Lei Shen.

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    Stuff that instawipes the raid because of 1 person making a slight mistake

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    Stupid people.

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