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    "WARNING: By removing this person for reasons outside of AFK/Cheating/Grievance you may be subject to a temporary ban."

    Easy fix to people kicking for no reason.
    How is it an 'easy fix'? How would the system determine that the reason the person was kicked was not for AFK/Cheating/Griefing? You already have to input a reason for the kick, and then all the ones who want to kick people out for whatever reason just needs to type whatever reason they want for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuxieDK View Post
    This is a flat out lie..

    You cannot be kicked before first boss, unless younate flagged as AFK or outside the instance.. Simply impossible...
    This is true. I think you have a 15-minute protection or until the first boss is killed before you're available to be kicked out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Memory View Post
    Voice your opinion.
    exactly the same happened to me on my lev87 rogue

    i had to answer phone got left behind in dungeon then kicked... thats fine but i got the deserter debuff! lol

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