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    I don't know, it would mean that we'll be farming endless valor all the time, since every new item 1k vp for full upgrade.

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    I'd like it to be removed as well, but thats mostly the OCD kicking in when everything isnt 4/4 upgraded.

    But yeah, on alts getting heroic items from upgraded normal this really is annoying.
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    Rose-tinted, much? There's always been gating in some form or another in WoW and MMOs before it. It wasn't suddenly in WOTLK that they started gating content and invented the concept.
    Sure wasen't, witch is why I said mostly. TBC has gating aswell inn how terms off many badges you could farm, daylies, and then vanilla has raid lockout and X 5 mans you could enter pr. hour. But these things are all pretty minor compared to what we have now days.
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    yes the valor cap of 1000 is kind low and espically if you are on the ledgenary quest part which takes 3 weeks to complete for 3000 valor points

    this will be my 3rd time and I have to say I don't mind running the old instances get the titan stones and relic and so on but what I hate is the 3 week grind on valors

    would be wonderful if they could change this since we are late on in the expansion but sadly we will get a lot off unhappy people complaining about it

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