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    Mage Help

    We have two mages in our raid. I was wondering if someone would take a them on our Heroic Protectors attempts and tell me what they think.

    Armory links:

    Here is a link to our log


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    About to go to bed so just getting some small notes in:

    Fladnag -

    His Invoker's Energy (90 Talent) uptime is extremely low. It seems to bounce between 50%-70% on average. You want that at ~95%, at minimum 90%+.
    I might be misreading it, however his Combustions seem overall fairly low. However I might just be reading it incorrectly as I need more experience at Warcraft logs. If possible, he also would want to use Black Blood trinket over Toxic Totem.
    And where is his Mirror Image damage??? Extremely important GCD to hit.....kinda.....either way wasted damage by not using it.

    Coachnate -

    Shouldn't really be using 4set as Frost unless he has no other off gear. Hit/Haste, Hit/Mastery, Haste/Mastery gear are all better than crit tier for the most part. Try and aim for Gloves and shoulders if possible, rest is off pieces. I would suggest aiming for 14242 haste and dumping the rest into Mastery as well. Stacking Haste is fun, and IIRC good on multi target, however it requires a lot of precision and overall 14242 cap will be more beneficial for 98% of Frost mages. If he has Toxic Totem, he wants to use that over Black Blood.
    His 90 talent uptime is overall better than Flad's, but you still want to be a consistent 90%+ on all attempts.
    He had 288 Brain Freeze procs, but only 196 gains of of the 2 piece buff. He needs to make sure he is hitting all of them (which is another reason to drop haste a bit, reaction times are more forgiving).

    I am sure there are more intricacies, however it is late and I am tired. Also for the future, feel free to throw this in our DPS help thread or Gear Help thread, or have the Mages post there.

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    To add to LocNess :

    Fladnag -

    Combustion often used without any Ignite (last pull f.x) or very low Ignite on the target. On the last pull, your first Combustion ticks for 5k. Use CombustionHelper, or a simple Weakaura to track Ignite value on target. With 570+, you should get 300k+ Ignites without problem, therefore bigger Combustions.
    With ~10k haste, the filler spell should be Scorch and not Fireball, except under Bloodlust and / or metagem. (this is an FYI, I didn't check every pull so if you already use Scorch as filler ignore this)

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    Thank you very much for the replies.

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