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    how much has changed in terms of rating priority?
    multistrike still on top?
    how much will the downtime change with stacking crit?

    imo they shouldn't stick to 30 rage per whitehit (noncrit). Depending on situation you might be dumping really early. Better lower costs and gain a bit.

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    how much has changed in terms of rating priority?
    Last I checked, Multistrike was firmly in the middle. Crit/Mastery were on top, with Mastery edging out usually (varied by which talent was chosen). Versatility is in 4th place, and Haste fell from almost matching Multistrike all the way down to like 20% below versatility due to a rating change (which I still don't understand why happened. It was in a perfect place, and then they neuter it?!)

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