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    Got a new one

    Lvling a horde toon, on the cudgel quest

    Couldn't do anything, tried turning on PVP, log in and out, exited,everything

    Only to find out I had to reapply the damn mask again

    That time I got miffed at the game. Shoulda figured by that sometime sooner or later....

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    I have 4 engi characters, so the obvious jumping off cliff/building when you haven't put the glider on after getting new cloaks, also using rocket boots at the wrong time and getting the fail happen.

    Also, the flying into wrong shrine, I have 14 toons and used to play half and half, and sometime go into wrong shrine, and also the going wrong direction in shrine because its backwards.

    When I used to tank Thok on my DK, after wipe I'd use unholy to get back to boss quicker and forget to change back to blood, and get squished so quickly.

    Having righteous fury on (as retadin) when helping mates out, when out of dungeons/raids, and forgetting to turn it off when I go into them.

    And most importantly listening to mate when starting to play wow and playing on a PvP realm when wondering why I was getting 1 shotted by 60-70's on STV during BC.

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    On every single alt I've leveled up to Northrend content, I've fallen to my death in that one spot in The Nexus.

    I might be retarded.
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    I have roll glitched while going backwards off many a cliff, many a cliff...
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    My first character was a nightelf druid. My buddy who invited me to play WoW however was a human pally. He said I should go to Stormwind. So I decided to go there. When I was at rut theran there weren’t boats at that time, there were those placeholders that port you. However I didn’t talk to them so I walked by foot through darkshore ashenvale and barrens in order to swim from kalimdor to eastern kingdoms. I haven’t heard anything about fatigue until that point. I swam as far as I could. And I died. I tried to reach my corpse as ghost but that didn’t work. He rofld and told me then about those placeholders that port you so I used the ghost healer and walked back up got ported to Menethil Harbor and still walked the whole way from Menethil Harbor to Stormwind by foot dying several times (the hint that travelling on roads is save is so not true…)

    This week my Ele-Shaman dinged 85. I didn’t want to quest through Pandaria again so I decided to take the TI grind. The first camp wasn’t even half down when I was oom and I was WTF?! I managed to escape barely alive. I ate and tried to chainlight them again, but I was oom again. I tried that several times until I noticed I didn’t have my lightning shield up. I still tend to forget lightning shield and weapon enhance so I made myself a WA with a stop sign if its not up.

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    When I first started the game and hit max level as a Warrior in BC, I took on a lowbie Warrior apprentice like another Warrior did to me when I was new. He was a little younger but fiercely loyal and tried really hard to impress me. I remember I was once running with him on foot from Auberdine to Astranaar because you had to back then and I don't remember what we were talking about but I ended up asking him why he would always type "f***" or "sh**" instead of the actual word. He didn't know you could disable the word filter, so I taught him how.

    From then on, he would only refer to me as "Bitch".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    Edit: The title was supposed the be 'Failcraft'. Damn you, auto correct!

    I've been camping Arcturis for 7 and a half hours now, watching Aliens while I wait.

    4 minutes ago, at 9:32, he spawned.

    I instantly laid down my freezing the trap, put Tame Beast on my hotbar, and to slow his approach; I right clicked him, intending to use concussive shot to slow his approach.

    My bow auto attacked.

    He died.


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    Your stories of failure?
    should have used a white bow!

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    In BC, when Disengage was first changed to send you backwards, I was in Netherstorm. The very first time I used the "new" spell, I send myself off into the Twisting Nether.

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