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    warlock mobility is fine. You seriously need to learn how to use what you got.

    It takes skill to properly set up your portal at the right time on the right spot. Casters knew how to kite before KJC and before fel flame. fel flame is going away and KJC is changing but not being removed.
    1. You honestly think that making Burning Rush like any other DoT is that much of a buff? Would you like to calculate how much additional uptime it will actually give you now that you can absorb its damage/mitigate it via damage reductions, considering that they are also nerfing absorbs in WoD? And to begin with, the fact that you can waste absorbs (except Twilight Ward vs melee cleaves) means that you are not in a pressured state which reduces the relevance of your argument even more. Compare that to Blazing Speed and see which ability will get you out of trouble more often.

    2. You bring no arguments whatsoever except for paper statements that haven't even been tested and proven. I'm pretty sure I know how to use what I've got, the problem is that I barely have anything left. You talk as if we were OP machines that would spam everything until our mobility got stripped down and now have to play in a skillful way to succeed. I played this game seriously during WotLK and Cataclysm when it actually took some skill to kite your opponent and get casts off. And I'm capable of realizing that when you strip so much from the class you're not making it any more skillful, you're just limiting what it's capable of doing and dumbing down the playstyle. Because instead of weaving your abilities to optimally kite or CC a target, you just eat their damage mindlessly while walking around (or through what you're suggesting, spamming Drain Life). That's totally fine and acceptable right?

    3. People have been skillfully setting up their portals for 3 expansions now. You think we don't know how to place them properly? Do you think that KjC and Fel FLame has "spoiled" us? Before KjC and Fel Flame came in during WotLK you had a 20 sec Shadowfury, Death Coil that healed for 30% of your HP along with Howl of Terror, Shadowflame, Curse of Exhaustion, 0.5 sec cast Seductions, 1.5 sec cast Fears WITHOUT being affected by haste, Corruption, Shadowburn as a CD usable at all times and Curses. It was more complex to kite opponents and it was more "possible" since you had more tools. Meanwhile all other melee classes have more mobility then they used to and you cannot use the "dispel CD requires more mobility for melee" argument since back in wotlk half the healers did not even have access to magical dispels. Also, most players use AD instead of KjC nowadays in PvP so even arguing around that awful talent is moot.

    Now if you think that all we're doing is "QQing" without adapting to the situation, then you clearly can't realize the fact that a lot of us have played this game for some time. And what we are doing is rationally analyzing where the playstyle of our class is headed to, all while comparing it to what it was during previous expansions while taking into considerations different factors that justified some changes.
    We've mentioned in-depth WotLK and Cataclysm mechanics and have seen the whole warlock tool-kit and compared it to that of other classes in multiple expansions. Meanwhile all you say is "warlock mobility is great, burning rush is getting buffed, learn how to use your portal" without providing any references, any proof, any footage, any experience or any analysis whatsoever.
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    You may be on to something here... GC claimed Ret Paladins killed his parents. Could it be that Warlocks drained Celas' dog soul?

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    Seems like dispelling immolate reduces your cb cast time by 50% and not by 3%. You get the buff Chaotic Influx.

    FYI: this is from the 2-pc PvP bonus.
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    So chaos bolts will be easy as hell to get off and yet shadow bolt is still more than a 2 second base cast time? Am I really the only one who thinks that is a problem? Demo has drain life and shadow bolt as fillers with molten core procs. I just think shadow bolt needs a cast time reduction with its weak damage compared to all the other cast time bolts in the game.

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    WoD: Minions in PvP

    How are our minions in PvP in WoD? As it stands now, our pets just get melted down so quickly, that 9/10 I would rather just go with GoS to go around the issue. But I like having minions.

    So are they worth it in WoD, or are they still far too weak?

    Moved your thread to the appropriate thread, as we already have threads for PvP in WoD.
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