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    Might be worse than I thought then. Phoenexis since I don't have beta I've been wanting to know if burst is similar to live demo using demon training glyph with grimoire: imp since we can't use doomguard yet popped with imp swarm,CD's , chaos waves, and TOC spam. If you have a chance could you test it to see if it even still does half ass damage as an alternative to demon bolt "since I'm feeling a nerfbat coming".
    Problem with taking Demon Training is that you have to choose between losing glyph of Dark Soul, Imp Swarm or HoG/Healthstone/Drain Life. It's such a punishing choice. I don't think glyphs are supposed to dictate whether you are completely gimped in one department to get a tool in another. It should be about enhancing one aspect of your spells in exchange for another.

    I'll try it when I get the time though. I've seen some pretty good burst with Wild Imps, GrimServ, Meta and Demonic Servitude.
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    You may be on to something here... GC claimed Ret Paladins killed his parents. Could it be that Warlocks drained Celas' dog soul?

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    Well we wouldn't need the dark soul glyph if we were not taking demon bolt. And once doomguard starts working with goserv we wouldn't actually need the demon training glyph unless they add something doomguard specific for it. I was basically wanting to test the burst on beta with live burst to see if it was comparable. Mostly to see if we have an alternative playstyle if and when demon bolt gets gutted. Because with destro being worthless it would suck to have demo worthless as well. Affliction is fun and all but it gets old and having a secondary spec makes a huge difference on fun. Hell on live right now I can play all 3 specs and perform well which is awesome.

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    What's the stats prior for demolock in pvp ?

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    are glad stance warriors are as tough to face as im currently thinking, prot that can dps with prots defensive cd's or am i missing something there for pvp.

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    I'm not quite certain about the stat priority for Demo but I usually go to a attainable haste breakpoint then go mastery>crit. But if in doubt just stack mastery and you should be fine. @Jupiteran Warriors and DK' s both will be a nightmare to fight. Mellee in general will be a nightmare in any form of pvp that you don't have healers and peepers to keep you safe. Teamwork is your best friend.
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    Glad stance is like the early MoP beta DA glyph that made locks legit tanks before it was nerfed and penalized and eventually removed. But since its a melee, especially a warrior, its cool. Warriors got a pretty good ride in pvp for MoP. While we are moving into a new expac the decision makers are largely the same thus who evaluates "what is okay" probably isn't changing. Warriors get to have nice toys for pvp...locks, not so much. Since warriors are also outshining most everyone in pve I would expect nerfs if things were run logically which isn't something we can bank on to say the least.

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    while im still here, cuse i got tired of beta imma just fix locks in pvp for bliz and u guys just in 5 steps:

    1. howl became baseline for aff, coil for demo, shadowfury for destro, that talent teir get remplaced with something like, demonic breath, some kind of root in a 40 sec cd and a talent that could improve shadowfury,howl and coil, or even better carrion swarm bam kiting problem solved

    2. nerf the fuck out of demonbolt, buff the fuck out of CB, allow grim serv work with Gosac by giving u 2 spells from the doomguard and infernal instend of 1 and like 10% more dmgs mab?

    3.make fear has it 8 secs again put it in 25 or 20 yards, cc problem solved.

    4. mobility? u are a lock why the fuck do u want mobility? role a mage

    5. self healing? mab u can turn drainlife into something that u get more % life from how close u are to your target so its become usable vs melee and not retarded vs caster "oh but the melee will interrupt you yada yada" i just gave u some tools to cc them use it plz ty

    mab fel flame? but it wont be needed if this chnaged are made

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    Destro needs fel flame back. Affliction needs something to cast that isn't shadow school...drain life would be one of my first picks. I like the idea of a baseline coil/demo, howl/aff, shadowfury/destro....redo that talent to have breath of "never been spec'd by any lock intentionally pve or pvp in history" to a root fading into a 70% snare fading to a 50% snare before falling off. The other two options are buffed versions of your inherent CC or shorter CD's on the base version of your spec's inherent CC. Give DL the glyph's healing baseline (stupid you need a talent and glyph to get the spell onto your bars period) and let the glyph make it interrupt immune but no longer generate DF or embers...I mean we need to be able to fight back a bit better with melee on us...since they pretty much always are. Cobra/steady shot have been both mobile and uninterruptable casts for years, I hardly see DL as a problem given the pathetic damage it does. Even if they took resource generation off DL it would be a welcome change. Devs talk about CC DR's a ton but why don't interrupts ever DR vs player targets? Pets also still die to nearly anything so I kind of feel like having them take 30-50% less damage from player sources wouldn't be out of line since so many of our skills and mitigation come from them being alive.

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    i forgot about something, remove the crap out of gate way REMOVE IT FOR GOD SAKE,

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