View Poll Results: What is the most OP class in 5.4.8?

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  • Death Knight

    4 1.10%
  • Druid

    21 5.80%
  • Hunter

    43 11.88%
  • Mage

    30 8.29%
  • Monk

    36 9.94%
  • Paladin

    3 0.83%
  • Priest

    6 1.66%
  • Rogue

    14 3.87%
  • Shaman

    20 5.52%
  • Warlock

    123 33.98%
  • Warrior4

    62 17.13%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tya View Post
    Haha, end of the year 2013 20% of all classes were warriors in the arenas (3v3). Thats when i stopped to pvp because they are just op and it was to boring see one in every 2nd game. Its sick how the next best class represented with 1 spec is a mage with 10% and the other in this area actually represent up to 3 specs in 1. Balanced my ass lol. What could be better then such statistics to try and balance classes out. But i guess with just 1 year to WoW it was just not worth to carse about pvp (well same goes for PVE...). They didnt even put effort to into make new gear fro S15, its just the same gear with % more stats. Took for sure at least 5 min to adjust that.

    Im glad i took a break

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    Considering the highest rating is 3k+, I'd hardly judge what the Most OP class is by "what can get 2.2". I think a better judgement of those statistics would be to say that warriors are super OP at 2200 and lower, and that's because an idiot warrior mongo'ing his buttons and not being able to do much else, sadly, works up to 2-2.2k.

    Everytime I check I see resto shammies and aff locks, I think those 2 were mentioned earlier as some of the most played classes at higher brackets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teddybearavenger View Post
    lol at people saying warriors. They got mega neutered for WoD. mages will be broken op as usual.
    Warriors are still brokenly OP in WoD don't worry. Try actually playing the beta before posting.

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    Melee: Warrior
    Ranged: Warlock
    Healer: Shaman

    I don't know of a single class that is overpowered, but the Shaman-Warlock duo seems to be quite formidable when put in a three's team, as they have amazing synergy and seem to work with any sort of team composition, whether it be another melee DPS, ranged DPS, or healer.
    Quote Originally Posted by MurlocWarlock View Post
    If you just love being that guy that purposely, or accidentally carries out the action of "letting them win", roll a shaman, and get a FREE vacation to the Ashran Graveyard with scenic tombstones and a magnificent sunset view of your faction hiding in the bubble as DKS, hunters and Treesus Christ roflstomp your base, and all you have to do is call this number!
    SHA-MAN-SUCK (742-626-7825)

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    Frost Mage. Always Frost Mage.

    Game developers hate healers. We prevent their bosses from killing the players.

    "MMOC forums let me keep my job again. Whew." -Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street

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    I don't think there's one single overpowered spec, there's just a lot of really annoying ones. Like hunters. Argue all you want they're not op in 3v3 but those random whacky 300k chimera + aimed shot combos scream 'skill' -- as much as warlocks with ten million fears or warriors with ten million stuns.

    I'd say top 3 is warlock, shaman and druid. Purely because of the annoyance factor.

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