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    I don't see why not, anymore, based on Blizzard's changing philosophies.

    Anyone else remember when they expressly told us that PvE->PvP transfers would never be possible back in Vanilla? Then we had faction changes, and sharing capital cities. Now we even have a cinematic (albeit a fairly harmless, non-serious one) where a Human and an Orc are drinking together in a tavern.

    Is it such a stretch to think that a Horde and Alliance character would utterly refuse to join together even for half an hour to face a common foe? We hardly even fight anymore, it's not as if every single character in the world has to be an unreasonable, racist asshole, right?

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    I'd much prefer a "defect to the other faction" option, or the ability to join a 3rd faction separate from either Alliance and Horde.

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    Yes, because some of the most memorable and satisfying moments in the game have been in those random moments when a Horde player has helped me out, or vice versa. Grouping with Horde would be fun.

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    No. I know lore-wise it would of course be possible and has happened many times, but for gameplay I really think it's best for the factions to stay separated. It would be interesting if it was available, but only for certain race combinations like Draenei & Trolls/BEs/Tauren/Goblins, Tauren & any Alliance race, or Pandaren & any other race, since they don't really have any reason to hate each other other than the fact that one's Horde and one's Alliance, but that just seems like an arbitrary restriction

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    Yes, definitely. I would take it as far as players from both factions being able to interact as if they're from the same faction. Guards would still attack other faction players when they try to enter an enemy city and players can't accept opposing faction only quests, but player interaction will not be limited.

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    No, the faction difference is 1 of the things why i love WoW, take that away and i be pretty upset :/
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    I've been wanting this to happen since BC. Course, I also want it to be possible to PvP flag so the raid can gank each other. Oh, the hilarity that would ensue.

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    News flash: It stopped being Orcs vs Humans the day a Troll took the mantle of Warchief.

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    I for one would move on from wow if this happened. Not really a fan of the direction the game has taken wince wrath and this would just be the final straw. Horde v alliance is my favourite concept. Sadly this just isn't even a thing anymore and hasn't been for a while. Also that bottoms up video is just wtf....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul360 View Post
    Horde v alliance is my favourite concept. Sadly this just isn't even a thing anymore and hasn't been for a while.
    How do you figure? We just had two and a half expansions of faction war and most of it was weak. Their idea of faction conflict is the Horde being evil and the Alliance being stupid. I'd much rather they dial it back to vanilla or BC's faction climate.

    OT, I'm not sure. Maybe the faction system is too ingrained to upset it like this (even if I personally wouldn't mind), but I'm sure it could work with an "Alliance illusion" or something to bolster the less populated side of a realm.
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    I voted yes.
    Cenarion circle, earthen ring, argent crusade, knights of the ebon blade. All races working together for the greater good.
    Blood elves are friends with the draenei after the events SWP.
    And let's not forget the traveling caravan quest chain in Eastern Plaguelands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manybadgers View Post
    Doing this will make bgs lose their purpose.
    I don't really agree with that...I've played other games with instanced PvP without real faction differences and they still gave it purpose.

    Rift, for instance, allows mercenary status when you enter instanced PvP...two teams still play each other, but the factions are intermingled. GW2 doesn't even have factions but still has instanced PvP, and you still get two teams of people to fight each other.

    The problem with games with factions is that over time one faction generally comes to massively out-populate the other faction, which causes the problems we see now with queue times for the more populated faction being dramatically higher and the win/loss ratio for the less populated faction not being quite as good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zenway View Post
    Alliance and Horde have banded together so many times already. Doesn't make sense to keep fighting any more.
    Yep. Even when they were at war they'd still occasionally team up to take down a bigger enemy.

    I'd be fine with cross-faction groups, but only via friends lists and RealID. No LFR or LFD or BG's. I might also restrict it from being used in Mythic and Challenge Modes and RBG's, to avoid potential min-maxing with racials.

    Mind you, I'd also make racials purely cosmetic in nature if I could.

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    Trolls love eating Gnomes, if we can play together there's gonna be an issue.
    Our new Warchief Vol'jin, although i don't like him very much, will never allow his people to suffer from the lack of this delicious meal, because of this Horde and Alliance will never be serious allies, which is a good thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrTharne View Post
    Trolls love eating Gnomes, if we can play together there's gonna be an issue.
    Our new Warchief Vol'jin, although i don't like him very much, will never allow his people to suffer from the lack of this delicious meal, because of this Horde and Alliance will never be serious allies, which is a good thing.
    Except for that part where as alliance players we specifically worked with the trolls in order to assist the horde with taking down garrosh.

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    No although I wouldn't mind seeing a few co op raids where Horde and Alliance have to work together. They'd be close to impossible to organize though

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    Rift does this. You can talk, trade, and group with people of the other faction. The only meaningful distinction is in PVP. There are so many imbalanced servers that I feel like it could only help WoW, but I don't think they're willing to call a truce to the 10 year old conflict honestly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirishka View Post
    I would create a 'Defection' option that allows a horde or alliance character to do a series of quests to join the other faction. Every country, power and empire in history has had its traitors and defectors, seems silly that WoW doesn't allow it.
    Smells like an ally wanna leave the sinking ship! ^^
    JAY-how-long-does-it-take-me-to-get-LOCKed-out-again in one sentence:
    Quote Originally Posted by Nobleshield View Post
    You seem to have a strong dislike of people that you deem inferior (based on whatever criteria) having the same things as you, even if they look slightly different and are much weaker than your version (ie LFR tier), based on some abstract concept that you "deserve" it and they do not, based again on some arbitrary criteria.

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    Never, I want them to rip eachother to shreds the second they make eye contact with eachother.

    Otherwise they might aswell join and remove factions and give the LGBT community what theyve been asking for and have vo'jin marry varien.

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