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    Impending Victory, an improved Victory Rush, I don't like it and it is useless.
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    Just going to toss Ring of Frost in, I know you PvP Mages love it, even if you fail to freeze anything with it, being projected for what amounts to decades before anything happens and so on. But for PvE, especially raids, it's a terribly, terribly useless ability.

    I mean, you know this right? Those LFR runs where people pull all trash, bazillions of mobs at one point, and then some confused Mage pops the Ring right into this mess that's being AE'd down to now avail in seconds. Why do you do that LFR Mages, WHY??? Not a single mob even stands the chance to get freezed, much less staying freezed for a more than a 1/1000000000000000000000000 millisecond!!! Argh!

    OK. I admit I used it once or twince for CMs. Not that is was required or something. Stuns work much better. Disorients do as well. Everything does better in fact. Gosh there I said it. Useless talent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zorkuus View Post
    Mannoroth's Fury is pretty much useless for destro and aff.
    The nerfed KJC more useless than ever for demo.
    KJC almost useless to the other 2 specs.

    This tier just doesn't scream lvl 90 tier to me. It's something I'd expect from lvl 15 tier at best, apart from Archimonde's darkness which is equally useful for all specs. I never liked the idea that you have to choose between aoe and single target talents in the same tier, paladins could agree.
    Yes, shamans have historically only really taken one talent per tier for our good tiers. But the totem tier is 99.9% useless no matter what you pick. Noones PvE play would be harmed if noone ran the talent, and it's pretty inconsequential for most in pvp too (people tend to run CotE for the cooldown reset as a 'just in case' thing)
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    which is kind of like saying "of COURSE you can't see the unicorns, unicorns are invisible, silly."

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    Quote Originally Posted by LFPO8k View Post
    Like, for example: Shuriken Toss.
    It was the coolest spell I've ever seen on WoW, and then they just nerf it to the ground and increase energy costs.
    I hope WoD fix this
    What are other talents you guys consider useless for your classes?
    I used it to solo the shark in Vashjir for the achi! I can list some bad talents for the 3 classes I play mostly though:

    Ysera's gift: Feels completly useless to me. It prioritizes you at 99% over another member at 1%, it's a joke and I don't see why you'd ever pick it tbh. Might help as a tank (I don't really tank on my druid anymore) but I really doubt me or anyone else would pick it over an on demand heal.

    Feline swiftness: Atleast as feral and guardian in PVP, it doesn't stack with the set bonus so... The setbonus might be gone in WoD though but still, feral needs it's gap closer alot more then it needs a 15% movement speed boost. I'd feel the same way about the talent as a guardian tank, it's just inferior to charge.

    Nightstalker: It's so bad, the only use it has is PvP on low level, which is a joke to begin with, or getting around really fast without having to use a mount. And it's actually still slightly slower then a mount if you have the guild perk. :x Don't see the point of having it there, it's buff in 5.4 was just completly ridiculous.

    Cloak and Dagger: Maybe not useless but... Doesn't feel anywhere near as good as the other 2 options. I know it used to be really strong appearently but I didn't play during that time. I'd never see myself using it, but maybe other people have use for it.

    Zen Sphere: I only tried mistweaver for a short while, but the healing output this had seemed pretty sad. It just feels outright worse then chi wave (never tried chi burst). Should be redone imo. As WW it's just super bad, as is a spell with a cast time (imo).

    There're some other questionable talents but these are the ones I dislike the most.

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    you could combo cloak and dagger with shadowdance back in the day

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    At least that's the first time the idea of powered flight appeared. Anyone can fly through water by swimming.

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