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    Easy chest top moutain / blazing chest farm (even without legendary)

    I'll just leave this here

    <MOD SNIP>

    We don't allow posting about exploits on this forum.
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    Ever heard of a goblin glider? No need to use software, and no need to advertise your vids either

    P.S. for anyone using a wired connection you 'can' do the same by just taking the wire out for approx 5 seconds then back in. Same result and once again no software. Has been useful for flying through certain caves in the past (jadefang)
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    Or.... you could use the Albatross and fly to get the chests? its not hard, really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r3d3mpt10n View Post
    Or.... you could use the Albatross and fly to get the chests? its not hard, really.
    Yeah, even if you have a toon that doesn't have a "safe fall" type ability, or levitation or slow fall, just drop in the lake to get the final chest from the Ordos area. Get one of the threat reducing drops off a crab and a feather to speed up your mount. Profit. It's pretty easy to do a complete chest clear of the island first day there.

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    The albatross will carry you directly to a few of the chests on the isle. It can be used to get to a jump point that, with slow-fall or levitate especially, one can get to the blazing chest when one has no cloak or wants to "get in / get out" in a hurry. The ground-based ones are only moderately difficult, and if you bring a friend to help clear the Yaungol morons surrounding them, or at least distract them from the one gathering chests, it's easy pickings.


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    Well, your video is titled as an exploit, which isn't allowed on these forums.

    Also, as others have pointed out, there's other ways to get the the blazing chest without the use of third party programs.
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    We don't allow posting about exploits on this forum.

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