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    New to hunter, and have a broken hand. Question on Keybinds.

    Okay guys, I'm not an experienced hunter thus I can't really answer this myself, but I goofed off on the beta on a hunter and have been leveling one, and currently am in the belief that I will be swapping it to my main from my Druid Tank.
    With that said, I very recently broke my left hand, and I'm not expected to regain all the flexibility/movement in it, which currently is mainly a issue with my pinky finger. Such that I can't really work with my shift modifier anymore, and I'm limited to 18 binds, F1-F4 1-6 a-f z-v (my old shift modifiers had me using shift f1-f3 1-6 f v) but currently I can't reach my f1-f4 and barely 4-6 while 1-3 I'm fumbling due to newfound constraints.
    For those more experienced then I, are 18-21 keybinds going to be feasible at all for a guild who will likely see some mythics but not pushing anything to brag about, and for PvP? Or am I better off maybe looking elsewhere?
    (Also working on using ER more but I haven't had a need for them on my druid so those 2 are going to be more comfrotable eventually. Mouse turn and qw strafe.)

    I checked out another thread http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...s-too-few-keys
    and I'm not exactly feeling confident after having read through it.

    Anyways thanks for any who pop in and respond.

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    I think It should be just fine. worst case you can just click on skills you dont use very often, such as rapid fire and crows etc. or get a new mouse with more buttons on the side. Might take some getting used to tho

    good luck anyhow

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    Add different binds and modifiers, such as Alt, and/or get an MMO mouse like the Naga or g600.

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    Alt is a good modifier you can use with your thumb. And I find it easier to use Control in some cases (Press it with the pinky joint on your palm - I'm pretty sure I'm not wording this right, so someone who does understand me can repost this).

    Also make sure you use your mouse scrolls.I find Modifier+Wheel-Up and Modifier+Wheel-Down easier for cooldowns.

    Good luck!

    EDIT: And yeah, MMO mouses do well too.

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