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  • Nah I like it actually.

    44 10.89%
  • Yes I am, I want my <race> to have his/her own unique garrison and I'm tired of human/orc stuff!

    165 40.84%
  • I don't really care so long as they're functional

    34 8.42%

    25 6.19%
  • I miss Ironforge/Undercity and the like, and want to see more racial differences in architecture.

    123 30.45%
  • Don't care either way, I just want to vote.

    13 3.22%
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    Are you tired of human/orc architecture? What about garrison looks?

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    Edit for those who wonder what the difference between the 2 leading options are(wish I had made it clearer):

    The "Yes I am, I want..." option is garrisons. As in, wanting to see something that isn't just human and orc garrisons.

    The "I Miss Ironforge/Undercity..." option is wishing Blizzard would do something to make those cities relevant again since any capital on the mainlands that aren't Stormwind and Orgrimmar are ghost towns in comparison.


    I'll go ahead and say I main a human male paladin(original and totally not boring option, I know) and I don't mind Stormwind human architecture to a degree...but I'm getting kind of tired of only seeing that for non-Stormwind city stuff like what you see in Alliance outposts in Pandaria and soon to be Draenor. Just seems strange for example if you play a Draenei and have a human-looking garrison...on Draenor.

    On Horde toons I play, I'm also tired of the Orgrimmar looks for Horde outposts and settlements. The garrison looks seem kind of meh. Considering Cata's portal efforts, all cities that aren't SW and Org are kind of useless to go to(IF, TB, UC, etc.). Even still, the Alliance and Horde are composed of more than just humans and orcs. I know Blizzard will incorporate some other races' stuff in garrison buildings, like tauren totems or draenei crystal stuff and the like, but it's mostly gonna be SW and Org-looking garrisons.

    Sidenote, I really wish they'd equal out the other main cities like IF, Darnassus, TB, UC, etc. where Stormwind's not the go-to place to be when you're not doing stuff at the Shrine or something.

    How do you feel about the architecture of garrisons and new Alliance/Horde stuff in Draenor?

    Also, before "You could just go to Ironforge you know, nothing's stopping you." It is when Blizzard's basically sat you down and told you, "Now, besides the capitals on <insert current expansion place here>, you're going to want to hang out in Stormwind or Orgrimmar when you're just chilling. Mmkay? Mmkay."
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    I want a Gilnean mansion!

    EDIT: So I've chosen the second option, I really really want to see some difference.

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    i would like to see mixed architecture in garrisons, Something like a dwarven workshop, gnomish engineering house or something, Elf tower and what not

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    Yes. I am sick of Orcs and Humans and all the "you must be in Stormwind or Orgrimmar or you are not cool" stuff.
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    I play Tauren mostly, but I prefer Orcish and Forsaken architecture, since I think the trolls and taurens are too barbaric for my taste.
    I can understand that giving players multiple building styles is a too big of development task for something that isn't really at the core of gameplay.
    When making updated models is one of the key improvements of this expansion, I get that it's a lot of work just making models, and they seem to be pretty preoccupied with the races atm.
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    I just want to see more architecture variations out in the world other than human and orc. Why cant the capital city incorporate facets of all races part of the faction in the capital cities on draenor?

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    All of the racial architecture in WoW is cool, but, like any cool thing, if you overuse it too much it stops being cool.

    more spikes tho

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    I've been pretty bored of the disproportionate amount of focus that orcs and humans get in this setting for years, if I'm honest. I'd love to see more diversity and customisation options to help keep things feeling fresh.

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    It doesn't bother me, really. I've played the Warcraft franchise since its inception, so I'm not bothered by the typical "Orcs and Humans" at all. I play both factions as well with my main as Orc and Human, so I'm not exactly bias to either, but what I do hate about them at the moment is that my Horde Garrison looks significantly more defenseless compared to my Alliance Garrison. I know full well this has to do with the Alliance vs. Horde architecture, but when you make the comparison it starts to eat away at you...

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    Seems there's more people that don't like it than I thought. There are some other threads on the battlenet forums with the same issue as well.
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    I find it unreasonable to ask for other than obvious reasons, when the reason obviously is the obvious reason.

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    I'm not a fan of Orgrimmar or the orcish settlements in outland/northrend/cata zones, but from the brief glimpse of orcish buildings in warlords I'm actually interested in seeing what they can do with it. Still would prefer a bit more of a blood elven touch to things, a bit more sophistication to counter balance the "savagery". For the alliance, I can't get enough of the human keeps and buildings honestly, they just set a nice mood. Though draenei structures are great, too, with worgen being the only other race on alliance that I actually like the architecture for.
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    Yes I am, I want my <race> to have his/her own unique garrison and I'm tired of human/orc stuff!
    I miss Ironforge/Undercity and the like, and want to see more racial differences in architecture.
    Both of these. I can accept that orcs/humans isn't a theme that's going to go away, but we really do need a bit more variety with faction architecture. There's a problem when they're defining the factions by "human or orc" and half the races belonging to both stick out horribly.

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    Kind of but I get why they do it. It's a flavor thing leading back to the RTS days. We enter an area and erect military bases based on the old school orc v human theme. Red v blue and all that. I can see how people get bored with it but it's been a consistent theme since the first Warcraft. So yeah, I get why they do it but I kind of agree that they should mix it up more. There's no reason the forsaken or night elves can't lead an expedition for example. They've made some really unique architecture for the races and they should probably make use of those instead of sticking to the old school for nostalgia's sake.
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    I would LOVE to have Tauren architecture on my Garrison. Make it happen *shakes fist*

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    of course I am

    the Horde (and Alliance) consists of more races than just Humans and Orcs and I don't buy it that there are more Orcs than Forsaken for example, so if anything they should lead the Horde.
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    Given that they are new buildings being built by each faction as a combined forces it would be nice if there was a blend of architecture at least with different building types. If there is already then I must have missed.

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    Yup, totally tired of it. Yes it started as Orcs VS Humans, but it has evolved past that, to keep that focus is ignoring how the lore as evolved since then. There is more to the Horde and Alliance than Orcs and Humans now, let some of that bleed through instead of completely ignoring it.

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    Forcing the same tired aesthetic over and over and over leads to a visually stagnant experience. Unfortunately this visual stagnation has translated into the approach to lore writing as well.


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    Gotta say, I was one of the first to want racial Garrisons =D
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