View Poll Results: What's your favorite Mage tier set?

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  • Tier 1: Arcanist Regalia

    6 3.16%
  • Tier 2: Netherwind Regalia

    14 7.37%
  • Tier 3: Frostfire Regalia

    45 23.68%
  • Tier 4: Aldor Regalia

    30 15.79%
  • Tier 5: Tirisfal Regalia

    51 26.84%
  • Tier 6: Tempest Regalia

    22 11.58%
  • Tier 7: Frostfire Garb 2.0

    15 7.89%
  • Tier 8: Kirin Tor Garb

    27 14.21%
  • Tier 9 Alliance: Khadgar's Regalia

    2 1.05%
  • Tier 9 Horde: Sunstrider's Regalia

    5 2.63%
  • Tier 10: Bloodmage's Regalia

    23 12.11%
  • Tier 11: Firelord's Vestments

    60 31.58%
  • Tier 12: Firehawk Robes

    22 11.58%
  • Tier 13: Time Lord's Regalia

    20 10.53%
  • Tier 14: Regalia of the Burning Scroll

    5 2.63%
  • Tier 15: Regalia of the Chromatic Hydra

    22 11.58%
  • Tier 16: Chronomancer Regalia

    5 2.63%
  • Tier 17: Normal / Heroic (Preview)

    6 3.16%
  • Tier 17: Mythic (Preview)

    12 6.32%
  • Elemental Triad Armor (Challenge Mode)

    53 27.89%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrayFrost View Post
    T3 for me, its the best for frost. God, I wish it was still obtainable :S
    It is obtainable via the BMAH.
    I voted for T3 since it is my favorite and it is my go to xmog.
    I also love the CM xmog.

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    13 and 16 rank pretty high on my list. I really like the actual cloth quilted look of those sets. The T17 and CM sets also really capture the different elements that mages use and display them in a very tasteful way (Khadgar uses some of these cues in the opening quests of Tannan).

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    Quote Originally Posted by matters View Post
    I also love the CM xmog.
    Despite the fact that I don't even actively play my mage, I still got the CM set with her. Because I think it's hands down one of the best looking sets ever.

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    T3 / T5 recolor

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    From 8-12 was good times to be a mage. 12 was my favorite, although if 8 had robes instead of pants I would have went that way.

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    I adore the CM set. I really liked the Kirin Tor set, very battle magey.

    The bloodmage set (the normal and the heroic sanctified) was great as was the Firehawk set. I also like Tirisifal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanian View Post
    From 8-12 was good times to be a mage. 12 was my favorite, although if 8 had robes instead of pants I would have went that way.
    If I had to pick a tier set, it would be T7.5, it doesn't look all that great on a static picture ( is using a worgen model for some reason), it looks amazing in-game.

    That said, and the reason I quoted you, is that the T8 recolor set can be solo farmed and looks outstanding. This is my go-to xmog, pretty much 100% of the time.

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