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    Best - WOTLK. The music was/is amazing, and the lore in Northrend is rich and full of detail. This means that quests are more fun to read.

    Worst: Burning Crusade, of course. Hellfire Peninsula is like Metroid Other M, it f*** sucks! The only place that I like leveling in Outland is Blade's Edge Mountain, JUST BECAUSE OF REXXAR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morbownz View Post
    For WoD I expect similar to MoP. Blizzard don't really seem that interested in making questing a great adventure, it probably works out great for them too because most of the kids don't like having to quest they want everything "now, now, now...FAST!!!", its the perfect excuse to pour less resources into the leveling experience.
    So over the course of the game you're implying that they are spending less resources on leveling now than they did back in vanilla/tbc? I think you should go back and take a second look.

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