View Poll Results: What class would you choose to add in WoW ?!

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  • Demon Hunter

    432 42.39%
  • Tinker

    333 32.68%
  • Technomage

    81 7.95%
  • Necromancer

    173 16.98%
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    i hope for necromancer but voted "demon hunter" (it will be called dark-ranger i'm guessing as these two ideas will be merged into one)
    I should've known that you'd travel in disguise. They're ... always watching..

    item squish is a terrible idea;
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    it is the process of simplifying numbers to make them comprehensible for the unskilled common peasant folk.

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    I selected Tinker. I feel Gnomes/Goblins are due for some Lore, and the Tinker class could be the first class to have distinct specializations, just like Engineering. If done correctly, you could choose between a Gnomish Tinker or a Goblin Tinker, and your Tinker class would closely mirror that specialization of the Engineering Profession. So, a Goblin Tinker would be more of an explosives guy, while a Gnomish Tinker would feel a bit more like a gadget guy.

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