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    Sorry for being out of touch recently.

    Max is making strides in warlock talents. We have cataclysm, charred remains, soulburn haunt, and new grimoire of sacrifice for affliction/destruction in. Still working on getting demonic servitude/demonbolt/grimoire of synergy working.

    APL is highly outdated, I don't like to constantly push my local apls because updating the core is annoying to say the least. Once we get everything fully functioning I'll make the APLs available to the public.

    That being said, we should have servitude in relatively soon. The only talents I'd like to refrain from for now are grimoire of synergy and demonbolt, as they are still highly iterative and untuned.

    Opening the flood gates for real logs. That means you can use trinkets, talents, glyphs, enchants, etc etc. Prefer that the log be on a dummy and run the full 100-0. Aware it can take an upwards of 15 minutes to do a test such as this, but its the most accurate way to go about testing things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DesireKT View Post
    Do you care about gear sets still?
    Yes, if you used the default premade gear with no changes it doesn't matter. If you changed any pieces of gear or enchants I'd like to know so I can replicate the exact situation in the sim.

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    Here is a link to my logs, 21st and 28th are the only ones you should probably look any log that didn't have 'wrath of tarecgosa' I used Gaze of Arrogance with the exact same gear as in my armory. With mastery enchants, flask, and food.

    They are from raid testing and due to DCing I forgot to re run combatlog a lot.
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    demonic servitude is in, we will release an executable soon-ish for debugging purposes (buff/dot/procc uptimes, talent interactions, etc.)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Here we go: At
    you can find the latest nightly build for the senior simcraft users to play around with.

    The purpose of this is to find any bugs that are still in the warlock model of simcraft (uptimes of buffs/dots and proc interactions).
    GrimSyn and Demonbolt are not yet in. APLs are not really updated.
    As soon as WoD hits the number tuning phase we can then properly support blizzard to have our specs and talents be on par with the rest.

    Please report issues preferably here:
    If it's just a minor issue, you can just answer here.

    as with any (beta) release of simc, no guarantees given :-)
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