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    Best Class to have your Skills praised?

    Hello MMO Champions,
    Just like Every person on Feisbuk or Instantgram or Tweeter I like to have my skills praised, when pulling out impressive DPS Numbers or surviving sheer impossible onslaughts as Tank for example.

    However, more often than not people tend to bring up my current class and the notion that this is what has been doing the good stuff, not player skill, which in turn hurts my ego.

    So which class would you MMO Champions recommend to play, both now and with WoD Changes in mind, which causes players to salute you after pulling off amazing actions, not complain about supposed Class unbalance?

    To clarify: I meant PvE Aspect
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    Rogues during leveling are always OP.

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    Regarding PvE - I only praise people that can survive, perform tactics perfectly whilst maintaining great DPS - One of those 3 alone isn't anything for me to be impressed by. In PvP, there's lots of little things that impress me; I'll often say to myself "shit, he's actually pretty good" while other times i'll just get annoyed because they're terrible yet still beating me because of, like you said, their class, or because of the random BG comp or me just engaging with a lack of CDs or whatever.

    I'd say i'm generally most impressed by Rogues, hunters and Mages in PvP; All 3 of these classes can be very easy to play poorly, but when you get a really good one; they are REALLY good; And you can tell instantly that they're going to be a pain. Though, even sometimes it doesn't matter how good they are, because class comps can win out.

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    Any class can get you praised. My guild hasn't let me change my main since tbc because I was too good with a warlock

    But I'm got a load of friend request 2 weeks ago healing naz flex on my 538ish (at the time) shaman. 1 healer left before the pull the other used all our CRZ within the first minute l managed to solo heal the rest of the fight

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    I'd say a healer of any kind.

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    You're pursuing something foolish.

    Quote Originally Posted by bach0r View Post
    Rogues during leveling are always OP.

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    As someone with a warlock main, not a destruction warlock, I can tell you that, only the T16 four set gives any sort of skill test.

    I don't really know what would get you praised, I tend to do fairly high dps with my tank alts without putting myself in danger, but that will mainly only get you noticed on fights where you can whore a lot of vengance, like Garrosh. But if its your guild raid team that you care about, as opposed to randoms from lfr, generally speaking, playing a tank role well (of any class) (e.g. using cooldowns properly, self-healing, picking up mobs quickly and without taking heavy hits, interupting) will make your healers happy.

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    Enhancement Shaman. I can go entire days of BGs/Arena or LFR/Flex without ever seeing one but it's always a little impressive when they're played well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    fast leveling,good at exploring, one of the best survivability ,good at dungeons and scenarios and able to gank easily +1 lvl players or 2-3 players on same lvl if want.

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    Clearly a mage or rogue in PvP.

    It's funny if people actually would agree with this.

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    Probably not the fotm classes: Warlocks and Disc Priests

    However if there are multiple of these classes in a raid and you manage to crush the others then that would be impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bach0r View Post
    fast leveling,good at exploring, one of the best survivability ,good at dungeons and scenarios and able to gank easily +1 lvl players or 2-3 players on same lvl if want.
    Terrible survivability compared to most range classes if you ask me...also terrible against groups of mops (again...compared to ranged)...

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    To clarify: I was referring to the PvE Aspect, and only maximum Level. Thank you for your understanding.
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    Rogues, demo lock

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    IMO, it's a lot easier to get noticed as a healer than it is as a DPS or tank. You're probably going to be far more limited by gear as a DPS than you will be as if you skillfully played a healer.

    edit: I'd add that playing a Mistweaver monk well usually gets you a lot of attention since they're rare and often incorrectly played.
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    Playing a shadow priest to a higher level than your other "more viable" dps friends play their class. We have a priest on our raid team who wipes them clean on a fair few fights. http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/nygFvDhrt6kxfL8A# for example.

    PS No I'm not the priest trying to find praise, my priest is level 85 and happy

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    Sub rogue in PvE. If you play it correctly, the numbers will show don't worry.

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    PvE? You can never go wrong with a Warlock. Almost 99% of the time, there's guaranteed to be a Warlock spec in the top 3 DPS of each expansion and tier. Most often than not I was always in front of most Warlocks on my server as Elemental, but anyway...

    With that being said... I don't think you're supposed to create these types of threads...
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    This can't possibly be a serious thread, but as a Blood DK I'd say I get an above average amount of praise. Most people assume all DKs are absolute shit, and they're mostly right (on my server at least), and everyone likes to be pleasantly surprised.

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    We don't allow help me choose my class/spec/faction/gender/role/boost/server threads here

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