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    War of the Ancients Main Trailer (Release date)


    Trailer and the release day.

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    so nice <3

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    Only over a month left and running time of the movie is almost two hours. I would buy dvd or blue-ray if it would be possible.

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    Wow I forgot this was a thing. Now I can't wait for it.

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    My thoughts exactly. So much time have passed, that people forgot about this project. But now the glorious conclusion has become the reality.

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    I've never heard of this. What is it? A fan made movie?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumbasta View Post
    I've never heard of this. What is it? A fan made movie?
    It's a fan-made machinima. Using in-game assets to tell the story.

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    I love when people do this kind of stuff. Can't wait.

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    Too bad the updated character models weren't around when this was in the works. As many issues as I have with Van's cluttered visuals, this still has a cinematic tone to it that brings to life echoes of the lore's most epic moments only felt and seen in your head while reading of ancient history I really appreciate so far. It's a pity Knack's book really rubs me wrong, and not for the reasons people deride him for "mary sue" writing and his excessive use of other devices and other crap, I don't feel he did the Night Elf history or their former arrogance justice or for instance his total omission of demon hunter lore, making everything a mess now basically needing retcons or extensive exposition and expansion. Illidan's origins seem a wasted opportunity when you finally see them.

    I loved the fight scenes with the Ancient animal gods themselves.

    That shot of Neltharion landing looked awesome.

    Any nitpicking I have aside, thank the universe people like this with passion are out there creating these things.
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    I hope he makes a War Crimes machinima. That would be awesome. Actually I think someone already is?

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