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    The secondary profession dailies only award 125 (base) reputation each, you're not missing out on much.

    A single egg gives about the same rep, although I've personally only ever saw one. I wasn't exactly looking for them and I'd rather do a few extra days of dailies than flying around cliff tops. That's what I did for my main character, I got the rep purely from dailies and the quest chain and it didn't take long at all. Most alts have got it at exalted from all the Timeless Isle eggs I found.

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    I've been able to get from Neutral to Exalted in one day by doing the quests (excluding the profession quests) and gathering eggs. Granted, this was before realms started merging, and I already had one character at Exalted at that point.

    It shouldn't take long. Just do the dailies every day and throw in a few egg runs every now and then.
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    Farm eggs in between queues. There are plenty of guides for the spawn points. I went to exalted in just a few hours, but I am on a low population server and had no competition.

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