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    Sapphire R9 270x Lock Up Amagalm of Corruption phase of shadow

    Hi everbody....
    anyone have same issue?
    when Im on that figth...my fps drops out to ZERo...
    btw i installed last driver
    ty in advance

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    No idea, but back in TBC there were certain fights where my FPS went to 0 and sometimes I would even DC. One I remember most was Lurker in Serpentshrine Caverns. Almost every other fight in the game was fine but on Lurker (and another in some other instance I can't remmeber) every week it would just freeze until the boss died. Can't remember if it was my old ATi HD3700 or my Geforce 7800GT... A long time ago, I can't remember how I fixed it, I think it just went away after some patch. It was an issue for a long time for me though, I remember putting it on my application to a guild that I couldn't do Lurker.
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