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    Deep Sea ones look awesome, now if only they applied that level of detail to the original murlocs...

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    HD Nagas would be sweet.

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    I would want warlock demons to be updated, and gnolls, but leave hogger with the current model, (he just wouldn't be the same )

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    The dragon models, because that will affect the mounts as well.
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    I'd like to see some of the Spider models updated. Mainly the forest ones with the fur.

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    Behind her rifle, in that tree you just passed.
    Moonkin, so boomkin players get their upgrade too and stop caterwauling on the forums about it.

    Something mean about trolls.
    I used to like Night Elves then they took a flaming arrow to the tree.

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    Moonkin so it'll go straight to Moonkin forms for Druids, or Ethereals perhaps.
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    I find it unreasonable to ask for other than obvious reasons, when the reason obviously is the obvious reason.

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    I don't satisfy myself with one.

    All of them. No excuses.

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    dragons/ drakes

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    Gnolls and Kobolds, they look sooooo bad compared to everything else early on.

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    I say Demons, we got a small glimpse of what can be with Durumu=Overseer and maybe in 2015 it is time to see an Infernal which has more Polygons than our Hands have fingers.
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    Worgen. Their spines and legs are too bent up and it makes them look like they have scoliosis.
    Oh, wait. Just read the question.
    Hmmm.... Undead. They should look like putrid walking corpses, not Nancy Pelosi sans make-up.

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