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    Quote Originally Posted by Nioxic View Post
    looks like the shadows actually follow the sun's direction...

    except in the first part of the video in redridge... but it looks awesome in draenor etc..

    Though it's very weird that the sun (and moon) goes up and down in the same spot.. (as in up, then down again in the same place..)
    Good catch on the sun rising and setting in the same spot. Northwest, actually, in RedRidge.

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    I dont get why they dont just permanently increase legendary questline stuff. 5.4 has been out way too long as it is, and likely still have another five to six months, so why not just make people get their legendary faster....there's already no new content coming.

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    WHY did it take this many years to get dark back? I play mostly nights, and I loved it when it was dark. Why was it broken for so long?

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    WTF... NO ONE CAN REPLACE Jay Mohr! Come on....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nebria View Post
    darker nights are amazing. I hope they increase the light from the windows and lamps during night however.

    I'm sad that Jay Mohr doesn't host this years events. was one of the reasons I watched it via stream.
    The lights in the Shadowmoon garrison are amazing! I hope they touch up others the same, it's really great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rorcanna View Post
    The darker nights look amazing, can't wait to see how they'll affect Duskwood!! Or Tirisfal Glades!!

    The Glades event may look like it did long ago when it was much darker! Epic news!

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    I don't get all the excitement for darker nights... don't get me wrong, i'm glad, but... we had this 10 years ago... Blizz is just silly sometimes... *sigh*

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    Quote Originally Posted by bison91 View Post
    I hope the graphic will be looking as good as this trailer shows it
    why does the moon and sun rise and fall in same spot?! if it rises in one place it should in the oposite
    Stop questioning the behavior of Elune and An'she!

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    Oh the night and day stuff looks cool. Now we just need the weather system

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flutterguy View Post
    Drunk Jay Mohr > Whoever the hell this guy is.

    You're f'ing kidding right.

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    "Points!" Chris Hardwick FTW.

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    I have no idea who this guy is. Hope they have a very good reason for replacing Jay.

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    Omg Blizzard I could kiss you right now. Darker Nights ftw!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by valliant13 View Post
    I dont get why they dont just permanently increase legendary questline stuff. 5.4 has been out way too long as it is, and likely still have another five to six months, so why not just make people get their legendary faster....there's already no new content coming.
    which toon should I get the cloak on next? I have it on hunter, priest, and druid. I have 3 other toons past the Valor quest barrier: dk, warrior, and mage!

    Oh Em Gee, the content seems so fresh when you do it again as another class!

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    Nights should be even darker than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigma View Post
    Only thing that I can think of is that Azeroth has an unusual property where it rotates half way, then stops, then rotates back!
    Stopping the rotation of a planet even momentarily could send things flying into space. But then again, this is Azeroth; many things are possible!

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    Seems like a problem with darker nights is that if your RL schedule only allows you to play at night server time, then you are always playing in the dark. This makes everything harder, from gathering to seeing mobs to finding quest locations. Not to mention it gets depressing eventually. Might think about making the night cycle very short, say from midnight to 3 or 4 AM server time, with the other periods being full day and the current twilight kind of darkness?

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    Sooo... Gaze for EU players tomorrow then?

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    I can't imagine anyone was clamoring for darker nights. I'd rather the game have permanent daytime if anything. I work during the day; being forced to play in the dark is terrible.

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    What's the point of night and day if everything is exactly the same before, during, and after the transition. All they're doing is implementing a lighting cycle which can be found elsewhere with far better results.

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    It is nice to see the return of darker nights. Saw one vid that showed daylight in a zone that's usually permanently night/twilight so is that going to be a thing as well? And will that be applied to older zones and expansions? Cause it'd be neat to see something like Icecrown in the day time.

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