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    I'm not a loyal fan. Just a veteran fan. I don't spend money on pets and I don't keep my sub when there's nothing to do, so my expectations are limited to the level of quality of new content, so far I can't really complain. What WOD brings remains to be seen. I'll vote after it gets released.

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    these hoes aint loyal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saft View Post
    Looks like you already made up your mind with that title.
    Seems the title is evidence that I was able to predict the result of the poll quite easily already.
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    Look, if loyal blizzard fans log in between now and September 30th...we get a FREE chopper. Completely free, just by playing the game. Granted it is only mountable by Horde but everyone gets it. I know people are unfair, horde favoritism, whatever other complaint they want to spew. However, it is free just for logging in, therefore it is a reward to loyal fans.
    I am happy to play wow, I have tried many other mmos that give rewards yet force the players to wait for bug fixes, qol improvements and gameplay/tech support. I am loyal to Blizzard because I feel they have earned it, not because of shinies they promise me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cabyio View Post
    No, you should listen to blizzcon if you are interested but you should not assume everything announced is going to make it to release. It never does. They always announce things that don't make it to release. Alot of game companies do this, especially ones that involve their customer base early in the dev process. Why you are getting you panties in a bunch over it when it is very common is the issue.
    I'm just going off what you said, seeing as you're putting so much emphasis on single words rather than their definitions. At no point have I expected everything announced to make it into the live game, that's just not a realistic view to take; but with WoD, so many things are falling on the cutting room floor with no reason and no explanation, which is especially frustrating after Blizzard said they WOULD be in the game.

    Quote Originally Posted by cabyio View Post
    It probably is a project management issue. They don't think they can meet their targeted deadline so you have to do one of three things. 1. Add more developers (and money) 2. Move targeted deadline out 3. Take your scope down a bit by simplifying some features. 3 is probably the easiest most acceptable action so they can get it out by nov.
    While I think that's a reasonable summary, what I don't think is reasonable is where the problem came from. They've had project managers in World of Warcraft for well over a decade now, yet suddenly they can't get through a very light expansion without an already extant major delay and several significant alterations to design intentions promised at BlizzCon?

    I'm not saying you're wrong (in fact, I think you're probably right), but I want to know why this came about. Sure, a couple of big names left, particularly Rob Pardo, but he wasn't part of the project management cycle for World of Warcraft and it'd be strange if someone lower on the ladder could have had such an impact.

    Quote Originally Posted by cabyio View Post
    I'm not really saying they implied might. I am saying stuff like that is always might with blizzard and some game developers. It has a proven history of being might, not promise. So to take it as a promise flies in the face of what it has always been.
    Funnily enough, I had something of a root around after my last post to you and it's actually very uncommon for them to say they'll be putting something in and then it doesn't happen. Yes, there are examples to the contrary such as the fabled dance studio or Path of the Titans, but they generally do what they say they will. This time around, however, they've cut item after item and next to no explanation has been given for why that is. "Resources" isn't really an explanation because we know they have the resources to make it happen, and they've been pretty cute about not cutting actual features... Just parts of what was announced.

    Again: Why?

    What's went wrong? What's caused the delay and the continual cutting of content?

    Quote Originally Posted by cabyio View Post
    Have you met you average person? They fail most of the time at most of the things they do.
    My family, friends, colleagues, superiors and subordinates fail only when they're set up to, and this is very rare - the rest of the time, they succeed at whatever they're doing and I reckon most people do.

    Quote Originally Posted by cabyio View Post
    Regardless of its level of art, objectively it is still a business transaction. You pay a monthly fee for a very well spelled out list of services and access. Nothing more, nothing less.
    I'm moving away from all of this "objective" talk. It's dull. Sure, when you look at things objectively, then the objective truth is probably the truth, but that's not what I'm interested in. I'm interested in how people feel because, like it or not, people are not objective; they're the result of their genetics and, to a certain extent, their cultural or political environments. Biases, quirks, sneaky feelings and instincts are all part of the technicolour I like to live in rather than a bland black and white of "you pay your money, you get what was listed". That's how people are. And when you're trying to inspire those people, then you're dealing very much with the realms of subjectivity because that's where all preferences take route.

    Look at it like this:

    You'll likely remember the significant number of arguments on these forums, and others, over the MoP allocation of launch dailies. They were mandatory, many argued, while just as many argued that they were nothing of the kind. Now, objectively, there weren't mandatory; you could play the game without doing those dailies. Yet, to play the game meaningfully, they were mandatory because you needed to develop your character as the most important point of the entire game.

    But that's not the argument that mattered. To me, what mattered was that people were telling Blizzard how they felt about something - and you can't argue with that. It's incredibly dehumanizing for someone to take the time to explain how they feel, and then have a blue poster (the awful Draztal at the time) tell you that you're wrong, that your feelings are somehow... Incorrect. That's not how it works. Eventually, of course, Blizzard came round and realised that those dailies were in fact "mandatory" (in a gaming sense) and didn't go down that route again. But for a very long time, they just wouldn't accept those who were simply telling them how they felt.

    Quote Originally Posted by cabyio View Post
    While I don't think its wrong for a company to possible give perks to long time customers, expecting it as a customer is just silly. Also not sure what world you live in but the real world is not driven by kindness of any kind. Benefit? Sure, but only self benefit. The world is a nasty, shitty place and thinking its all hugs and rainbows is kind of naive. The ONLY reason you matter to blizzard is the money you give them. They don't care about you as a person, as a gamer or anything else.
    I don't think expecting it is silly when multiple companies, admittedly outside of gaming, have loyalty programs of some kind. That said, it's not something I generally expect in day to day life because I'm not what you'd call "loyal" to a great many companies or businesses. Secondly, and more importantly, nobody is arguing that the world is "all hugs and rainbows", but no sensible person would argue that it's exclusively a "nasty, shitty place". Nationally and culturally, there are a great many wonderful places to be, experiences to have, and friends to make. Remember what I said about subjectivity? I live in Scotland, have a great social circle, a family that loves each other and I have a good career that allows me to have a good life.

    Shit happens, of course. But generally, my outlook on life is very positive.

    As for Blizzard caring about me (or you) as a person, I think that's why they've gone downhill since the previous design team left mid-Wrath. Instead of trying to please a diverse playerbase and make them feel like they're enjoying themselves, they've instead tried to recreate the reasons why the game was fun and remove anything that didn't add anything objective. When I first started playing Rift, I really enjoyed it - but it just didn't have the... "Fluff" of Azeroth. The pointless paraphernalia that made the world feel alive and something to be a part of. There were design issues, but many of them were left alone because they added to the tapestry of a well-built fantasy world that people enjoyed being a part of.

    Now... I don't see that in the design. I see a team working under the auspice of knowing the price of everything, but the value of nothing. Quirks have been replaced with homogeneity, possibly the biggest cancer that's killing the game slowly.

    Blizzard can either make a great game, like WoW used to be, or they can make a profitable one.

    Great games are naturally profitable as a side effect. Profitable ones aren't necessarily great.

    Herein lies what, to me, is the biggest problem.

    Your mileage may vary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    No, the obvious fact is that this tweet supports the other evidence that Blizzard has no intention of ever implementing this class [demon hunter].
    Aye, I have an ever-growing canon of misery and negativity. Like this, this, this, this, this and this.

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    Of course Blizzard doesn't care about customer loyalty. Blizzard is not your friend or pal. We are just customers and they are a company. We are not seen as individual fans who care about the game, but we are just statistics and a major source of their income. Customer loyalty and quality service died in the 1980's, when only the ruthless companies thrived. Nowadays, American corporations are focused on the profit motive. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Quote Originally Posted by Suffer the Consequences View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anarch the Subduer View Post
    Seems the title is evidence that I was able to predict the result of the poll quite easily already.
    You get what you ask for... When you post biased and ambiguous poll the answers are shit. Kinda like the whole thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fixx View Post
    You get what you ask for... When you post biased and ambiguous poll the answers are shit. Kinda like the whole thread.
    Not to mention due to the wording of the title and question, many of the people who voted no (as specified in the early pages of the thread) voted that they didn't feel rewarded but that it wasn't a bad thing as they never expected a reward or feel as though one is necessary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardkorr View Post
    Of course Blizzard doesn't care about customer loyalty. Blizzard is not your friend or pal. We are just customers and they are a company. We are not seen as individual fans who care about the game, but we are just statistics and a major source of their income. Customer loyalty and quality service died in the 1980's, when only the ruthless companies thrived. Nowadays, American corporations are focused on the profit motive. Nothing more, nothing less.
    That about sums it up. Blizzard is going to do whatever gets them the largest profit. Of course they try to appease a certain player base or people. Youtubers are free marketing as is Twitter, Facebook and etc. An average player replying to them on any of these mediums is basically pissing in the wind.

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    Of course there's no reward per se - but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I couldn't really care less whether or not they handed me a medal saying, "Grats bro. Good long years of servitude - here's a cookie". We're just playing a game.

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    Yeah, I've been giving money to Blizzard for 6 years so where the hell is my free ilvl 590 epax set, huh?

    Jokes aside, something more is needed than Feat of Strengths for logging in every year. I would be happy with a small discount everytime new expansion comes, like -1% for every year.
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