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    Never getting any Oqueue group invites (Oqueue broken for me?)

    Hi everyone, I've been using Oqueue for quite a long time. As of a month or two ago, I started noticing every time I would click wait list on anything in Oqueue...I would never get an invite. I also started noticing that when I logged off WoW, my battle net client showed that I had tons of friends requests from Oqueue players. I almost never get into any Oqueue groups anymore....not even heroic scenarios. I can't figure out if it's an Oqueue setting. I even tried reinstalling it.

    So basically I hit waitlist...it stays on pending on the waitlist, and I never get my invite until I log out and see friends requests on my client, but not in-game. Anyone have any knowledge about this? Would appreciate some help. Thanks.

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    You're probably blacklisted for something.
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    Well I know I'm not blacklisted because on rare occasion it actually works, but most of the time I just sit on waitlist for eternity until I log out and see countless Oqueue friends requests on my bnet client.

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    I'm having the same issue. I don't recall ever doing anything wrong to get blacklisted.
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    I had issues when using an out of date version of OQ, but I guess if that's the problem you would have noticed the hard-to-miss update note when opening OQ

    Also, I think (correct me if I'm wrong) listing issues only occur when using a older release version of OQ. (i.e. you are using 1.5 while 1.6 is out).
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    I have the latest version /: I've also reinstalled it twice.

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    Make sure you are using real latest version, not latest version according to curse client. Update it manually by downloading latest version from https://solidice.com/oqueue/
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    make sure to disable any auto inv addon you have, i noticed my ELVUI blocked oeuque invites because i had auto invites enabled.

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