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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaosweaver View Post
    I would like a green visual effect instead of purple or light blue on the top end of the DPS meters.
    You gotta bring that up to Skada or Recount.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrops View Post
    Weren't those talents scrapped?
    Well I occasionally check up on Hunter changes, and the latest I saw was the talent that gave you a choice between those type of arrows. It is still up on the Wowhead page called Exotic Munitions

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    They were scrapped from MoP beta when they were the 3 separate level 15ish talents, iirc. They've now been added as a single level 100 talent which offers you a drop down to pick any of the three depending on fight.

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    Giev back AV arrows effect

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    Hah, no? They are trying to remove spell clutter, not add more, don't expect much xD

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