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    50% haste: exact breakpoint for goblin? [spriest]

    I was told to get a haste rating of 17599, which precisely give me 49.96%... so it's NOT 50%? What value am I suppose to reach exactly? I currently have 17639 which puts me at 50.06%, but when I dps on a training dummy (trying the rotation, solo), there's a TON of clipping to do... seems like I should have a higher value or whatnot.

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    You were prolly told 17599 for the VT breakpoint. When the actual breakpoint we're aiming for ( if we go for the gcd breakpoint ) is 18215.
    so 50.06% is fine with that. So what do you mean with clipping? The difference of going for gcd is that after you DP you can MFI for the whole duration of DP along with the last MFI if you (and you should) shanpshot DP w/o having to MB inbetween.
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    I said clippling, but I meant I have to break alot of my Mind Flays, to cast Mind Blast. With the DP3 haste breakpoint, every spells seemed to flow, I rarely had to break Mind Flay. Maybe it's normal past 50%, I don't know.
    Oh and:
    The GCD cap is achieved by having 50% character sheet Haste which occurs at 18215 Haste Rating (or 17614 for Goblins due to their 1% Haste racial).
    So thanks for the information, was able to find the golbin value. So I guess I'm good with 17369.

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    Being over GCD (50%) will mean there's a bit of dead space at the end of some casts (instants, MB, VT). The point that actually increases your DPS is the 49.96%, haste still has some value until 50% (GCD) since you're casting faster. However haste has very little value past 50%. You certainly don't want MORE if you're already past GCD (not that it would decrease your dps, only you'd see a much larger benefit from gaining other stats past GCD)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redsparowe View Post
    Being over GCD (50%) will mean there's a bit of dead space at the end of some casts (instants, MB, VT). The point that actually increases your DPS is the 49.96%
    This. Being over GCD will screw up spell queuing for you so it'll be more of a loss than just the haste weight dropping. GCD build is smoother but you'll always end up clipping MF for MB anyway due to haste modifiers like lust or LMG, latency and human error.
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    Ok, all is good then. Thank you very much for the reassurance.

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