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    Resto Druid Trinket?

    Hey guys just a quick question, so i have a couple trinkets and all i can see is that the Mythic Shards of Nothing trinket is BiS for us?

    My name is Barbaróssa and i am on the Tarren-Mill eu server, it wont let me upload any links as i have not posted enough, so if you can check me up on the Armory and see what trinkets i am currently using.

    Now i got Mythic Warforged Shards of Nothing trinket, and i am wondering if it is actually better than the trinkets i am currently using?
    Cheers in advance
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    I consider Shards of Nothing the worst trinket in the current tier, including Candle and DMC.

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    Try the trinket sheet on healcraft.net, they break down each trinket and it should help you decide which is better for you.

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    Shards is fantastic for throughput, but while that is good it also means you're losing a lot of regen. On use haste is generally not that amazing for us, since it also acts as a mana guzzler. You can basically swap it with your emblem depending on how your regen feels but its not the best for us.
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    Ok thanks guys, i was wondering because my mana regen at the mo is in a really good position... i personally dont want to sacrifice any of my other 2 trinkets for the shard but like i said i looked around and saw it was apparently the BiS... so just wondered thanks for the replys

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    Well the bis for throughput would be the int trinket from imperator. Candle is bis regardless in my book, and still a solid trinket going into BRF.

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    Would you guys consider shard of nothing to be a good trinket for challenge modes?

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    Sure int and on use haste is pretty good there.

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