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    Angry I think its time for some Pvp changes

    I like pvp, but I hate when I'm leveling my alts and maxed level players come and farm me even when its not going to give them honor. Its annoying and it takes away some of the fun. Then you have to wait 2 Minutes to rez.

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    When you're selecting your server some say "Normal", choose that one and problem solved.

    Nothing needs to be changed.

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    I hate normal servers because when you get max level, nobody even on a server like Stormrage plays pvp. Yeah sure people can use Oqueue, but having a competitive server that's based completely around pvp is much better.

    It's frustrating to level a non stealth character through questing only on a pvp server like Illidan or Sargeras. Sargeras, Bleeding Hollow, Illidan are all connected through open world and there's so many horde just fucking Duskwood, Rebel Camp, Western Plaguelands.

    And it's not just those servers, it almost feels like everyone is out there leveling because so many big servers are connected now. It wasn't as bad a couple a months ago, but recently its been horrible even in lesser done leveling zones like Wetlands, Hinterlands and Arathi highlands. Hinterlands in particular is terrible when you get to the Troll part that forces you to go up and down the stairs. You're bound to run into players of the other faction and the worst part of those quests is that the resources required to complete them are scarce. This forces people to kill others they would normally ignore to save their own time.

    People are just everywhere.

    The worst spots are areas where people farm mats or reputation for some dead vanilla faction. A good example is that there's always bound to be a level 90 horde sitting in Stromgarde killing those thieves for raven rep. You the unfortunate player have to go over there and kill some for a quest. Or in badlands where those whelps are that people farm for thick leather. You're always bound to run into a level 90 over there.

    Sometimes you'll just have bad luck and be in a questing hub and suddenly a gang bang of level 90's just swoop by and feel like ganking it. This usually happens in places like Rebel Camp or Duskwood, but I've seen it happen elsewhere, even in Light's Hope at Eastern Plaguelands.

    And if you thought 20-54 was bad, you haven't seen anything until you get to Blasted Lands and move onto Outland. I feel almost sorry for anyone who tries to Quest in Hellfire, especially as soon as you get there. There's been times where on the initial quest that flies you over to honor hold, you'll land right into a horde gank fest and you will be killed instantly upon landing.

    The ganking starts to mellow out once you get to Northrend. But my lord, the absolute worst zones in the entire game to quest are easily the Cataclysm ones. For some reason, level 90 characters are just everywhere. They're in Mount Hyjal, they're in Deepholm, they're in Uldum and they're in Twilight Highlands. The only "safe place" is Vash'ir but nobody goes there because its slower than Hyjal. Don't ever think for a second that you're safe while leveling in a Cataclysm zone.

    And there's so many lowbies like yourself leveling there too because Cataclysm has so few zones that every one in the same level range are congested into one area. Similar to hinterlands, people who otherwise wouldn't attack you will attack to fight for quest resources. The worst is when you're in an area where the other faction just outnumbers you.

    Like you'll be there alone with 3 horde of the same level and it's almost certain that one of them will attack you knowing that the numbers are in his/her favor. I've seen people literally ignore me when we're on even numbers (usually 1v1) but when a same faction dude comes along, that guy who ignored you is now attacking you.

    I think some people just attack people in fear of being attacked first. The person who attacks first has the advantage and I think that's part of the reason outside of resource control is why people attack. Some people just like killing the opposite faction regardless, but those people are a minority. Most people just want to get questing and leveling out of the way and don't want to cause problems or else they lose time. The game is like an automated grind treadmill for these people, the hate losing time.

    I have no idea why so many 90's just sit in Cataclysm zones. Maybe since there's so many lowbies all cluttered in the same area's, it's easy pickings for the greifer. The "quest hub" style of Cata quests makes it even easier for them because some of them will just sit in area's where every lowbie has to go through. A good example of this is the first portal you take into the fire world in Mount Hyjal (right after you kill the Ogres.) There's always bound to be a 90 in there waiting to camp you to stop you from progressing through the quest chain.

    But I see freakin people doing those old dailies, like the Firelands ones, the wildhammer ones and the ones in Deepholm. It's insane and it's not just a few people, it's a good amount. And these 90's for some reason love, I mean just love Uldum too. What is even in Uldum? Mats? I just don't get it. And I haven't even mentioned the amount of Archeology level 85 Dwarf Bots that seem to be everywhere.

    If you can somehow not get killed while questing through Cataclysm zones, you deserve 30 days of play time for free. And yeah I have nothing more to add about this topic. All I have to say is that its insane how crazy the open world is now thank to the realm connections.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daraz View Post
    I like pvp, but I hate when I'm leveling my alts and maxed level players come and farm me even when its not going to give them honor. Its annoying and it takes away some of the fun. Then you have to wait 2 Minutes to rez.
    Yeah. A level 90 vs a level 30 is not real PvP any more than Mike Tyson vs a 6-year-old kid is a real boxing match. But blue posts have stated multiple times that it's working as intended and won't be changed. You can attack or be attacked by anyone on a PvP server. That's just how it is.

    I never really understood why people get off on camping lowbies. Some sick satisfaction of knowing you ruined a stranger's day? Whatever floats your boat. The only time I camp lowbies is if it's in retaliation for something. You're level 50, and you're ganking/camping my level 30 alt, yeah...I'll eventually bring my 90 Warrior out and stomp your ass until you log off or take res sickness. But "OH SHIT, there's a random lowbie! Time to camp him until he logs off!" is not the first thought I have upon seeing a lowbie player.

    I've just learned which zones to skip while I level. Blasted Lands, just because 90s like to camp the portal. Hellfire Peninsula is probably the obvious one. I can't even go there anymore without seeing 500 lines of "Honor Hold is under attack!" in chat. Haven't bothered questing there on PvP servers since CRZ came along, but all the rest of Outland is pretty clean. I usually just go straight for Zangarmarsh (you can start there at 60) or dungeon grind a bit and go straight for Terokkar. Outside of HFP, the only PvP I encounter in Outland is usually the good kind (against players my level).

    Northrend is mostly clean. I rarely have trouble there. I guess it's because that's not as instantly accessible for most players without some travel time involved, unless you have various items that port you there. Most of the 90s who gank don't want to actually put forth any effort, so you're not going to get bothered as much in places that actually require them to travel.

    Cataclysm zones are a pain in the ass because level 90s can instantly port to any of them from their faction's "main" city. So pretty much the opposite of Northrend. From what I've seen, Vashj'ir is actually one of the cleanest zones to level an alt just because nobody ever goes there.

    I decided not long ago to try leveling up an alt on a PvE server just for shits and giggles. I'm doing all the quests and only dungeon running for dungeon quests (not grinding). It's kinda refreshing to actually take my time, read the quest text, explore, etc and not worry about getting headshot by some random level 90 I didn't even see coming.
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    You are boggling about the inclination of a person in current culture, to annonymously "bully" you online?

    Look at the average maturity level of people you interact with ... the most pathetic and insecure people use escapism instead of coping irl - for them it has nothing to do with the game, only with feeling powerful as they take power from those who are helpless against them. The worst kind of psychological stimulus.

    My daughter sent me a meme once and it had this little guy talking to this much bigger kid - the chat bubble said
    "Come at me you f--ing f--got! I'm f--ing jacked! I will f-- you up!"
    And the caption was ~ Stephen forgets he isn't on the internet ~

    And that sums up the attitude of griefers in general. They are generally impotent in life, or insecure are are compensating for something at your expense - coming back over and over just feeds their psychological need to bully. So just don't do it.

    There are a select few that are hardcore "if it's red, it's dead" type of thing, but generally they don't camp and grief, but kill and move on their way.

    Back in the day, before my kids played WoW with me, I would attack and kill any player that was my level and in the area with me, I ran into a player that belonged to one of the top pvp guilds on the server (this was prior to cross-realm BGs) and I squished him ... he came back, I squished him again, and this happened 3 more times. He was the same level as me, but it was just a rock / paper / scissors type of thing - back in the day, some classes just couldn't kill others. I wasn't camping him, I was just questing in the area ... he would come back, wait for me to pull a mob or two, then attack, doing everything he could to give him the advantage, but due to the mechanics of the classes, he could not prevail.

    After half a dozen deaths, another player from his guild came, and I killed both of them, two times, three times, four times ... then a 3rd guildie came to help. The first time, they killed me ... I came back, and killed them back ... at this point, a max level player from their guild arrived and they proceeded to camp me, killing me 4 v1 over and over and over - until I logged on my max level toon and killed them all. It was just the nature of world pvp - escalating at times into full scale skirmishes.

    It is the nature of a pvp server. It is what the server is for. There is healthy competitive pvp and guild loyalty and then there is griefers compensating for something. The difference is fairly easy to reckon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Cailan Ebonheart View Post

    The worst spots are areas where people farm mats or reputation for some dead vanilla faction. A good example is that there's always bound to be a level 90 horde sitting in Stromgarde killing those thieves for raven rep. You the unfortunate player have to go over there and kill some for a quest. Or in badlands where those whelps are that people farm for thick leather. You're always bound to run into a level 90 over there.
    Good read. Best part is trying to do the safari entry quests in nagrand. If some nab kills you there it takes a 3 hour corpse run to get back.

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    When I'm questing (thank the lord that doesn't happen often anymore) in a high pop zone, I make sure to keep one of my max level pvp geared toons logged out nearby. If the griefing gets to be too much to cope with, I log over and kill them back a few times, and it usually calms down and I can be on my way. Its just the way pvp realms are, especially now that we have cross realm.

    My wife actually stopped playing the game entirely a while after CRZ came around. I had been the one to insist on playing on pvp servers, because I really enjoy world pvp and all that jazz, but she just didn't have fun questing anymore. So I see where you're coming from, even though I don't mind getting ganked and/or camped myself. I usually just log off, go on another character, or kill them back. Just take a 5 minute toilet break and get a cup of coffee, and they'll usually have tired of waiting for you. If they're still waiting atleast you can smile about the fact that there are some morons on the internet actually spending their time staring at their screen for you to appear.

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