View Poll Results: Ever bought a heroic raid run or 9/9 Gold CM runs?

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  • Yes, worked out well, got the stuff/achievements I wanted.

    5 11.63%
  • Nah don't think I'll ever buy a run for one or the other.

    32 74.42%
  • I don't really care about heroic achievements or gold CMs either way.

    6 13.95%
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    Have you paid for current tier normal/heroic raid or 9/9 gold CM runs?

    I saw the question asking about paying for mounts or mount runs like Alani and such and it got me wondering if anyone's forked over enough gold to a high-end guild or group to get gold CMs or guaranteed heroic raid done during the current tier.

    I haven't done so for raiding but I was thinking about finding a legit group for gold CMs. Then again, probably gonna openraid or run with friends to avoid paying for it. ...however many are unsubbed at the moment, as am I to be honest. Got some game time I could use to get back in though.

    What about you? Have you paid for a heroic raid run or 9/9 gold CM runs?

    Edit: I've seen the offers from higher end raiding guilds and groups suggest they are selling runs in trade, forums and on reddit as well was why I was curious.
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    No, I am the one selling those runs.

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    what he said^

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    Nope, I don't pay for that. Not something you should, pull your load, run with a group.

    I don't even sell it, I just tag along if people need assistance.
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    Sold all of the above.
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    I've done them myself without buying it It's lame.

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    My guild doesn't sell heroic runs, but i have personally sold CM runs a few times. I don't really like the fact that this has become a thing now, i can really see people who are not good enough for this content flashing those achievements in order to show their experience, a few expansions later.

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    Bought a normal garrosh kill for 30k since I have no inclination to raid beyond LFR for cloaks on a couple of alts. Stopped raiding with a guild during t14, havn't had the desire to raid since.
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    Got the CM golds with 3 chars myself, bought runs with a few additional chars later to complete my collection. Couldn't be bothered to get a group together for every oh-so-rarely played alt.

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    Never paid for a boost. I've never even accepted free boosts, don't get the point of intentionally trivializing content while making yourself more of a burden than a boon.

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    I do get Nivis' point of view though, if you want to secure the reward for alts that you're not really interested in playing.

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    I'm thinking about paying for a CM run on my retripally. Hard to get a group for him, methinks.
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    nope, my guild have sold some normal/hc kills and cm boosts tho

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