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    Let's create a "Fantasy" expansion!

    I have a suggestion.

    Let's create our own expansion. By assimilating a few lessons learned from Blizzard over the years and a little imagination I suggest We the WoW community conceive a "fantasy" expansion that speaks true to both our desire to enternain and be entertained by our favourite franchise. This x-pac will need no budget, no time limits for development, lore or gameplay restraints because it is entirely up to us as to how it will turn out.

    Here are my suggestions for what the outline of our 'game' would constitute:

    The Rules:

    Each poster can either

    add 5 or subtract 3 things

    from the suggestions of the previous poster.

    If you don't like or agree with the setting, gameplay or lore elements that the previous poster has made you can always change or delete them entirely.

    If a suggestion or an idea has not be removed/changed or altered in any way whatsoever for more than 10 subsequent posts after the origal then it becomes part of our "fantasy" expansion and it is no longer viable for removal. It is, however, still open to change. After it reaches 50 posts and has not be altered or retouched then it becomes either "Set in Stone" for gameplay or "Canon" for Lore and it becomes an official feature of the expansion and it can no longer be revised.

    You can also bring in some ideas that Blizzard wanted to impliment but never did such as Path of the Titans, Dance Studios etc.; borrow (with permission of course) ideas from other threads such as Mount 2.0 and expand them however you'd like or create entirely new and orignal gameplay and lore elements for "our" expansion.

    Unlike Blizzard, however, we can add as many races, classes, locations, updates and patches as we like as we don't have the same constraints the devs have in the real world. If you wanted to add an high elf or a furbolg to the Alliance for example but you weren't sure which one should be considered this is the place to do it. However the race and classes added must make sense in the world of Warcraft; so if you wanted to mess around add a perpetual dancing murlock as a playable race to the game please don't as it might destroy the immersion.

    You can simply copy/paste the previous post if you agree or copy/change/ if you disagree and please use different color/font for the changes you have decided to make.
    Thank you and have fun.

    I would also ask each poster to refrain from going off topic and if possible adhere to the established rules.

    Let's start!

    Title: unknown

    Premise: The Naga, Zandalari and Twilight's Hammer are preparing to launch an assault on Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms and must be stopped.

    Lore: The Zandalari have aligned themselves with the Twilight's Hammer and the Naga after being promised that their kingdom will be finally restored.

    Queen Azshara is trying to resummon Sargeras and bring about the end of Azeroth by the dark Titan freeing N'Zoth.

    Principle Characters:

    Main Villains:

    Queen Azshara


    King Rastakhan

    Prophet Zul


    Tandred Proudmoore
    - made canon and principal protagonist for the Alliance; Jaina's little brother

    Jaina Proudmore
    - after the reunion of brother and sister she becomes determined to rebuild Theramore and recapture Gilneas)

    Prince Anduin Wrynn
    - learns how not to be so simplistic and view the world in black and white; abbandons priesthood and becomes a Paladin under

    Tyrande Whisperwind
    - Alliance leader for the assault on Nazjatar

    Malfurion Stormrage
    - possibly dies by the hand of Azshara forcing Tyrande to seek revenge and paving the way for the return of the other brother...


    - shared principal protagonist for the Horde; leads the expedition to the Darkspear Isles; gives up the mantle of warchief after the death of his sister

    - shared principal protagonist for the Horde; main insigator for the assault on Zandalar

    - commander of the assault on Nazjatar; becomes the old Thrall and Warchieft at the end of the expansion

    Vol'jin's sister
    - new charcter; leader of the Dakrspear on the Darkspear island; dies later


    The emphasis will be on diversity and choices just like in Northrend there will be multiple same level zones where you can level alts and experience a new different story.

    Kul Tiras 100-103
    - Under siege by the Naga (Alliance only)

    Darkspear Isles 100-103
    - Under siege by the Naga (Horde only)

    Broken Isles 103-105
    - The location of the mysterious Tomb of Sargeras and Gul'dan's final resting place has become infested by naga and faceless. Also too many mur'ghouls.

    Plunder Isle 103-105
    - The Stronghold of all pirate activity on Azeroth its time to take the fight to them

    Hiji (PvP)
    - a medium island specifically designed for PvP warfare located next to Plunder Isle and main stage area for the conflict between Horde and Alliance. Redesigned vehicle combat. All new class abilities added to tanks, buggies, hot air baloons and even a submarine. Get ready for the ultimate playground, pirate treasures, hidden epic loot in caverns or dead sceletons abound just make sure you have someone to watch your back because everyone is after them!

    Tel'Abim 105-107
    - an island shrouded in mystery. A place where the Prophet Zul and the naga priestesses can experiment on the captured Alliance and Horde prisoners undisterbed. Until now. It's up to you to go there and annihilate everything that moves and rescue your companions.

    Kezan 105-107
    - After the Cataclysm the isle was repopulated by the Naga and most recently by the remnants of the Twilight's Hammer. It is up to you to retake it back. One step (cough***explosion***cough) at a time.

    Nazjatar 108-110
    - a giant dome like bubble (think pre Wrath Dalaran) has been created over the zone so it would push out all of the water allowing the Horde and Alliance to attack the Naga stronghold ( This is done for more familiar/traditional gameplay to be front and center as a lot of people hated underwater content in Cataclysm even though I enjoyed it a lot). You will still see kelp, sea giants, corral and even fish but most will be swimming outside the zone.

    Zandalar 108-110
    - an island of deep jungle and spiraling pyraminds and temples the seat of power of all the Zandalaru


    Big neutral city: Upper Undermine only for max lvl players

    Two major faction hubs whilst leveling located in:

    Kul Tiras (Alliance) (with new and unique Kul Tiras Human architecture)

    Darkspear Isles (Horde) (with new and unique Troll architecture)

    Races: none


    Demon Hunter
    - only Night Elves and Blood Eves can become Demon Hunters
    - they cannot wear chest, gloves or shoulders as they have been replaced by ritualistic, rune empowered tattoos

    Witch Doctor
    - Only Trolls and Night Elves can become Witch Doctors
    - A semi range class which utlizes poison darts, dark magic, and potion grenades to destroy their enemies

    - the goblins of Kezan and the ever competitive Gnomes have invented a brand new class to help them fend off all those savage and infinitely bigger creatures they must face in the tropics.
    - mail armor
    - technology and explosion oriented class.
    - they can utiliza remote static or flying turrets as pets
    - they can hack into any nearby machine and sent them out to seek and destroy enemies

    Death Knights
    - only 4 races can be now be death knights:


    Shamans and Paladins
    - Alliance can no longer be Shamans
    - Horde can no longer be Paladins.

    We're going back to exclusivity mode i.e. the choices you make of which race and class arocombo you pick really matter this time around.

    Everyone that "suffers" from this change will be given a free faction/class/race change.


    1. Player housing and Garrisons wrapped into one.

    You are given your own private fort / tropicalbased on your race and class of course. island that you can customise however you want

    Are you a Night Elf who wants to feel at home even though you are way out in the middle of the ocean? Or a troll warhero desperate to build a new home? This is the place for you. The architecture will be entirely dedicated to your race and completely custamizable to your class and level of achievements.

    2. All new dance club - courtesy of the Goblins of Undermine with a little help from the Blood Elves.

    3. No more mob tagging

    4. Progression: Proving Grounds > Scenarios > Heroic Scenarios > Dungeons > Heroic Dungeons > LFR > Normal

    All will be obligatory.


    Zuldazar - the Fortress/ziggurat of King Rastakhan and his people

    The Belly of the Undermine (reclaim the city from the faceless, naga and kill off N'Zoth)

    Nazjatar - End the reign of Queen Azshara and prevent her from summoning the Burning Legion


    Assault on Bloodsail Hold
    - the bloodsail buccaneers have been a thorn in the Alliance and Horde side for too long and it is time to deal with them once and for all.

    Tomb of Sargeras
    - what happened to the artifacts; the remains of Gul'dan's body? many misteries to uncover

    Drowned Reaches
    - naga

    Gishan Caverns
    - underwater caverns filled with faceless ones, gilgoblins and naga

    - Mak'aru is the capital of the makrura civilization who have alligned themselves with Queen Azshara

    Pillar Deep
    - beautiful nightelven architecture; part of the city of Nazjatar.

    Unnamed Kul Tiras prison dungeon -

    Unnamed Darkspear jungle dungeon -

    Unnamed Zandalar troll dungeon -

    New creatures: unknown


    Nazjatai ( a group of Naga desperate to revert the curse and become Night Elves once again closely working with Tyrande and Malfurion)

    The Zanchuli Rebels ( a small band of renegade Zandalari and Darkspear joined together)


    Patch 0.1 - The Fall of the Zandalari

    Patch 0.2 - The Lurker Below ( The end of N'Zoth)

    Patch 0.3 - A Queen has her Reign...

    P.S. I wanted to add some images but I am not allowed to do so at this point. What a pity.

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    Was a decent idea until..

    Death Knights
    - only 4 races can be now be death knights:


    Shamans and Paladins
    - Alliance can no longer be Shamans
    - Horde can no longer be Paladins.

    We're going back to exclusivity mode i.e. the choices you make of which race and class arocombo you pick really matter this time around.

    Everyone that "suffers" from this change will be given a free faction/class/race change.
    Otherwise this is just what people were assuming The Dark Below would be. Not much new here.

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    I like the general setting, but a couple of tweaks to the story. Vol'jin's sister? This doesn't really make any sense as there's no evidence of her ever existing. Would come out of nowhere. Tandred Proudmoore was de-canonised for a reason, namely that Kul'tiras provides a lot of interesting lore for Jaina and it would be a shame to waste that on a brand new character. Thirdly Thrall should never ever be Warchief again, nor should he play a major role for at least 2 to 3 expansions after WoD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Protar View Post
    I like the general setting, but a couple of tweaks to the story. Vol'jin's sister? This doesn't really make any sense as there's no evidence of her ever existing.
    As there never was evidence of Thrall's uncles Gan'ar and Fenris ever existing.

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    Hmm, I do like fantasy expansions. And there was all that talk of an Azshara expansion in another thread, so I like the premise. Also love the ideas for player housing and customizing your own tropical island.

    Things I'd Subtract...

    -I'd skip Azshara trying to summon Sargeras in order to free N'Zoth, and just have Azshara go after freeing N'Zoth directly. For one thing, it beggars belief that Azshara would have carried her torch for Sargeras for 10,000 years - she was only into him for his power anyway, and N'Zoth's been her patron for way longer than she's even known the Dark Titan. I wouldn't be surprised if she's only go eyes for the Old God now. Make her main goal to be locating N'Zoth's city, Ny'alotha, and springing him.

    Can't really think of anything I'd want explicitly removed... I think Witch Doctors would probably be unnecessary, and Demon Hunters would work better in a fully Burning Legion-themed expansion, but that's about it.

    Things I'd Add
    I'd keep the zandalari trolls out until a patch, have Zandalar be the patched-in zone, and make them all mostly undead.

    Lots of good raids and dungeons already, so I'll add some New Creatures:

    Merrow - Beings who resemble scaly dwarf-like humanoids from the waist up and have the bodies of fish and ocean creatures from the waist down. Former servants of the Titans, created long ago to tend their undersea facilities, and have the magical ability to split their tails into legs for moving on land, where they resemble somewhat tall dwarves. They are largely friendly and more predisposed to ally with the Alliance. They have many sea giant and sea beast allies that they use to defend their homes and the holdings of the Titans from servants of the Old Gods.

    Torra - Reptilian humanoids born from the shed blood of a sea turtle ancient slain during the Sundering. They are large, stout, and solidly built, with huge shells covering their backs. They are usually docile, but quick to anger and slow (very slow) to forget slights. They serve the elements of the sea and are predisposed to ally with the Horde. They hate the naga, who hunt their eggs for sport.

    Mako - Large sea-dwelling humanoids that resemble a cross between ogres and sharks. A hostile tribal race, Mako will hunt and eat just about anything. They travel in large packs around the ocean, swarming up onto islands only briefly to gorge themselves on anything that lives before moving on. They are followed by swarms of small piranha-like fish-people called Shredders, who clean up any remains that the Mako leave behind. Some Mako have allied themselves with the naga in promise of opportunities to feast on their enemies.

    Stygian - Undead beings risen from mortals lost at sea over the centuries. From night elves drowned in the Great Sundering 10,000 years ago to sailors lost trying to cross the maelstrom during modern times, countless corpses moulder in the dark expanses beneath the waves. Now, a great legion of these undead have risen from their watery graves, many of them mindless but some acting with will and purpose. They are gathering sunken vessels and enchanting them into working order with dark magic, building an armada of the damned they intend to use to attack the surface.

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    Seems like another South Sea expansion.... and I love them. I've got a lot of idea's myself aswell, but never wrote them on paper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by n7stormreaver View Post
    As there never was evidence of Thrall's uncles Gan'ar and Fenris ever existing.
    Thrall never knew his family though. Vol'jin did and you can play through Darkspear Isles in WC3 right? It seems unnecessary.

    ETA: And actually Fenris was already in canon.
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    "I myself am not too hopeful about the Grim Patron deck" - Trump 2015
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    Title: The Black Plague

    Premise: The plague kills off all the pandas (including players, they would get a free race reroll). It's so virulent that the whole continent sinks and dissolves into nothing, never to be seen again. EVER. We don't care who released it, instead, were going after the Burning Legion because they're evil.

    Things I'd add: Merge all the servers, players may swap servers at will. Log out, pick another server, log pack in.. Class roles. Hybrids always have significantly lower dps than "pure" classes but more utility, better healing etc. so they wont do worse in PvP even 1v1. Attunements, epic craftable and tradeable gear on par with raid drops but the main ingredient comes from raids.

    Things I'd remove: Flying, stamina and main stat from all gear, instead only some gear would get it. More variety and customization options that way.

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    I'll add a few things:

    [New Profession] Woodworking (comes with another profession, Harvest) allows one to craft different things out of wood.

    [New Mounts] Boats! You can now craft boat mounts (via Woodworking) and the top-end boats you can fight on.

    [New Combat] You can now purchase a boat from a port and wage war over seas! You can journey with your ship and when you see other boats on the horizon (either random spawned NPC or player owned boats of the opposite faction) you can use cannon fire, minions, and other types of explosives and try to sink the opponent's ship and steal their booty! Arg!

    [New Secondary Stats]

    Foraging: increases the chance of getting a bonus material from mining/skinning/herbalism/disenchanting/milling by 0.2% per point.
    Mysticism: reduces the damage taken by fire/ice/shadow/nature spells by 0.2% per point. (max 25% reduction of spell damage from enemies)

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    Sorry but A) it would piss me off to no end to not be able to play as a Draenei DK anymore... and B) I would literally want to kill the person who takes away my ability to play shamans on alliance. You can't really put the toothpaste back in the tube dude.

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    FML... Shamans suck.

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