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    You swap out Convergence when it no longer sims higher for you on single-target.

    How well CoF does depends on what other cooldown reducing components that you have in your gear, obviously preferring to be combined with T19 2p and Boots, but this is why it is really worth simming various set and legendary combinations for yourself using RaidBots, because CoF might be great for your Boots build, but you might have a gloves build with no CDR at all that is better than that.

    Due to the nature of some fights, though, there are some that you will always use CoF on if you have it due to their mechanics:

    Harjatan: Requires full CDR build to achieve a Trueshot for every Sickly/Colicky wave.
    Mistress: Mostly to ensure as many Trueshots as possible. How you use them is up to you and your raid (AoE focus or single-target focus). You can also be more flexible with lining up Buffers + Trueshot when you have a lot of CDR.
    Host: A pretty standard cleave fight, where CoF basically always wins. Trueshots are just too good.
    Maiden: You need CoF (but nothing else) to achieve the cookie cutter build which just saves Trueshots for orb phases every time. Owl + CoF + Gloves.

    None of the other fights have any particular inclinations towards CoF, unless you are saving Trueshot for Fallen Avatar shield phases.

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    Heya Azor,
    Simple question here :

    What are your though on the T21 bonuses (2pcs/4pcs) ?
    Looking on the BMs ones, i think MM bonuses are ridiculous.

    Im actually MM spec and have no bm legs (already got boots, gloves and waist for MM).
    Would it be a good idea to start 'farming' BM legendaries if we have to respec for the next tier or MM will still be better ?

    (sorry for my english, not my native langage...)

    Ty !

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    The BM and MM ones are roughly equally terrible (in the aggregate) at the moment, but Antorus is so far away that there's no sense worrying about it at the moment.

    As it stands, we won't use the new 4-pieces until Mythic Antorus, if that. T20 4p builds are just better (with HC Antorus tier and Mythic T20).

    There's always a chance that BM will be better come Antorus, but there's no way to know right now. I think statistically it seems more likely that the status quo will be maintained, and BM already has received its buff (the one in the spelldata this morning is just a tooltip thing, I am quite certain, not an additional 6% buff).

    And since the T21 set bonuses are kind of equally terrible, they don't have an easy nerf in the MM one like T19 and T20 where the spec difference above will be closed.

    But it's Blizzard, there's always a chance. Generally putting AP in 2 specs is really inefficient, but since you got the BiS MM-specific leggos already, then it makes sense to go BM lootspec for Legendaries where you can also get the Soul ring if you don't have it.

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    All i actually wanted to hear !

    Havent got the leggo ring actually but got those 3 out of 4 leggo drop so im kinda lucky atm (never actually equipped the gloves since coz of 4pcs T20)
    Im back from early september to be as ready as i can for the nex tier.

    Ty very much !

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    Hi, do you think Zevrim's Hunger will see more playtime with the T21 set in aoe fights? Or is there a good chance
    that the belt will still be the to-go Legendary in aoe situations? Maybe we can see the return of the meme build?

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    It's pretty hard to say. Generally speaking we won't really use the T21 4p on single-target at all.

    For AoE purposes it'll be really good - but memebuild was just Piercing and Explosive, it doesn't have more Marked Shot leverage than Trick Shot cleave builds of today, so there's nothing about the set bonus that prefers memebuild over current builds. I doubt it'll be as potent as the belt and boots but it'll be close.

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    The fact that Hunters won't use 4p has me worried Blizz will swap the bonuses around (think they have done that in the past) to make people require 4 pieces of the new tier to get the bonus we actually would want. Hoping they won't, but with still having time before the raid releases its possible.

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    We've had many classes complain about tier bonuses, and now Blizz reacted and changed many of them - to which most classes responded with "what are you guys even smoking" because they're still mostly dogtaint. I expect another tuning pass for those bonuses, because there's just way too many classes right now that would never switch off old tier.

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