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    The goal that I've had for the longest time is to save up enough to purchase myself a swift spectral tiger. I am currently just shy of 300k and it typically sells for around 580k, so I have quite a ways to go. Though, it will probably be the last item I will ever spend more than 100k on. If I was at the good cap, I doubt that I would spend anymore than 600k for it.
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    well if i had the money and i had the spark to farm/afk AH for gold stacking gold fairly fast it still wouldn't come to my mind buying a god damn mount for gold cap.

    max 100k

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    It wouldnt be good for the game, it would make gold even more important, resulting in a even more greedy community.

    You will always have people saying that gold cap is not that hard, but reality is that if you want gold cap, it will hurt your WoW playstyle. You need to watch that AH a lot, so you will end up camping in your home city. And if lots of people turn to that, you are killing your game.

    What I would like to see is the Garrisons stable would let you grow any mount of choice for 100k for 1 single time per account. 100k is much more viable for everyone, and it would remove some of the randomness of that mount that never drops.

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    I duno why people want the Naxx proto drakes so bad. They weren't hard to get and they ugly as fuck, especially plagued that shit is even more ugly then timelost.

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    This thing better be AMAZING!

    I'm talking 3 seater flyer that has repair, transmog, reagent, crafting supplies, profession trainer, etc.

    1 million bucks better give me a portable town that 2 of my friends can come along with. I would definitely drop 1 mil then

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    Guy in my guild spent a million gold on Invincible, he lost the roll and then offered to buy it from another guildy.. He declined all the way up to a million gold and then sold it off.
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